goztepe pedestrian bridge in Istanbul is renewing
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Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge is Renewed in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is starting work for the renewal of Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge. Within the scope of the bridge renewal works, in Göztepe Medical Park area of ​​the D-100 Highway, in both directions from 2 on Friday, 24.00 August to 6 am on Tuesday, 06.00 August. [more…]


4 Bridge Intersections Put into Service in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay said that the intersections, railings and signaling processes on the upper part of the 4 bridge junction, which has been given traffic passes before, were completed and put into service. Altay, which cost 130 million liras and [more…]


Boğaz Mahallesi is getting overpass

Bogaz Neighborhood Gets Overpass: The pedestrian overpass, which was started to be built in Rize's Bogaz district, was held in order to make it easier for citizens to reach the beach. The foundation laying of the overpass, which was started by the General Directorate of Highways and will integrate the Bosphorus neighborhood with the coast [more…]

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Pedestrian traffic at Sefakoy metrobus station (Video)

Pedestrian traffic at Sefaköy metrobus stop: Hundreds of people who wanted to use the pedestrian overpass in Küçükçekmece got in line and had to wait for minutes due to the density. Some pedestrians did not wait, passed across the road among the moving vehicles on the E-5 highway. At Sefaköy metrobus stop, [more…]

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Aksaray-Yusufpaşa tram station removing pedestrian overpass

The pedestrian overpass of Aksaray-Yusufpaşa tram station is being lifted: A new one is added to the works of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide more convenient and safe access to public transportation vehicles and to the urban transportation of our disabled and elderly citizens throughout Istanbul. [more…]

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Renovation of Şükrübey Metrobüs Overpass

Şükrübey Metrobus Overpass is Renovated Avcılar-Şükrübey Metrobus Station Overpass was closed to traffic for work According to the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Press Consultancy, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality makes Metrobus Stations More Comfortable in terms of Pedestrian and Disabled Use and Access [more…]