Yesterday and Today Railways

It was perhaps one of the most critical days of the War of Independence. The Turkish nation was one step behind the life and death war. Behiç Bey, who assumed responsibility for the railways in the war, received a telegram. The sender is Atatürk: hızlandır Accelerate the shipment; trains latest [more…]

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Intercity Railways

Railroad means strength and independence

In the early years of the Republic, a national and independent railway policy was pursued on the basis of development and defense. In the early years of the Republic, a national and independent railway policy was pursued on the basis of development and defense. Great impossibilities [more…]

hicaz rail
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Hejaz Railway

Hejaz railway: The Ottoman Empire was very sensitive about the adaptation of modern technology to the country. For example, it is seen that communication technology such as telegraph was transferred to the Ottoman country shortly after it was used in the west. Telegram [more…]

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Haydarpaşa Station's enclosure

Haydarpaşa Train Station, which is obvious that it will fall into the lap of 'financing' with the fire caused by the subcontractor company that has undertaken the restoration, is being put up for sale with all its 'historical spirit'. To the aesthetics of the power, historical spaces, which are so burdened with the discourse of 'creating a conservative society', [more…]

Intercity Railways

Nostalgic express trains

I don't know if those born before 1960 will be able to remember. Now nostalgic Express trains used to depart from HAYDARPAŞA to ANATOLIA. Locomotive and passenger wagons of these trains are the restaurant (Restaurant wagon) and Sleeper wagons behind the train belonging to TCDD. [more…]


TCDD wants to be worn by third page rumors

Kazım Baba, Bektashi father, poet. Once upon a time, when the railway had just arrived in the Ottoman Empire, the man who was the Director of the British Simendifer Company hooked on Kazım Baba. “Your master, Hacı Bektaş Veli, had run the wall. see us [more…]

Intercity Railways

The train consists only of rails

While RAY read the articles on the flooring, the writings that talked only about the railroads, far from the connotations of the train, created an iron coldness in me. I wanted to give them some warmth of literature. The meaning of railways since the Ottoman Empire [more…]


Double road out of rail

Does the AKP have a transportation policy? Does it have a style, a goal? For example, during the construction of double roads, the Republic was proud of making the longest roads in history. Now those double roads are falling, [more…]


Train is a life

The Train is a Life compilation is a valuable study of the trains, people who witness the cinema, coups, encounters and every aspect of life in the country. What kind of transportation is the train? According to some [more…]

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Marmaray flesh bones

The 150-year-old dream that Turkey took over from the Ottoman Empire has come to life. Marmaray, which forms the backbone of our rail system, has come to an end. It will provide the passage of High Speed ​​​​Trains on the Marmaray line, which is shown as the most important project in the history of the Republic. [more…]


100 annual transportation projects

In the book titled Ottoman's Crazy Projects, prepared by researcher Turan Şahin, there are bridge, metro and tube crossing projects designed to solve Istanbul's transportation problem, with a history of more than 100 years. [more…]