New precautions for coronavirus are in Ankara
06 Ankara

New Measures for Coronavirus Coming In Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to take measures within the scope of combating coronavirus. With the instruction of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas, new precautionary decisions were introduced. Cleaning since the first day to Gölbaşı quarantine area [more…]

New measures to fight coronavirus in basket
06 Ankara

New Measures to Combat Coronavirus in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its active fight in the Capital City by taking new measures against the coronavirus epidemic. Halk Bread Factory maximizes hygiene practices at sales points, especially in the production area, while the public [more…]

Cleaning measures increased in Istanbul's subways
34 Istanbul

Cleaning Measures Increased in Istanbul Metro

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) conducts disinfection work in metro vehicles and stations to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases caused by viruses. Vehicles and stations that are cleaned daily are periodically disinfected. Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]

Public transportation vehicles are clean in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Public Transport in Istanbul is Clean

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; It regularly cleans all public transportation vehicles such as buses, metrobuses, metro, trams and ferries, and disinfects them against germs and viruses. Every year worldwide, especially in winter [more…]

list of countries by rail length
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Card Period Closes in Transportation

With the new application developed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) affiliate company BELBİM A.Ş., Istanbul residents will be able to get on public transport vehicles via the data matrix system on their smartphones. Download, install, scan, late motto now with the QR code application in mobile applications [more…]

Percentage hike was made in Istanbul for transportation
34 Istanbul

35 Percent Hike Decision Has Been Made in Istanbul

The Union of Chambers of Craftsmen and Artisans in Istanbul announced that a 35 percent hike decision was made in Istanbul. The hike is expected to come into force after the signature of the relevant authorities. Transportation Coordination at the Disaster Coordination Center of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]