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At a Glance: Logistics Centers

Logistics centers; It is defined as the fields where national and international freight transportation, distribution, storage and all other services are carried out with different operators and carriers. By road, rail, seaway and airway access by location [more…]


Train move in the southeast

State Railways pressed the button for a new High Speed ​​Train line that will connect cities in the Southeast in a few hours. Before the project, all railway lines from Adana to the Iraqi and Syrian borders are being overhauled. [more…]

Intercity Railways

The 5 wagon of the freight train derailed.

5 wagons of the freight train derailed in the Nusaybin district of Mardin. According to the information received from Nusaybin Station officials, 63142 wagons of the train number 5 carrying cargo from Gaziantep to Nusaybin derailed at the entrance of Nusaybin Station. [more…]


TCDD 19 pieces logistics center plans

TCDD will be established logistics center at 19 point of different scales. In the first stage, Samsun, Denizli and Izmit centers 1. stages were commissioned. Eskişehir, Kayseri, Uşak and Balıkesir logistics centers are under construction. [more…]