average bicycle is damaged every day in Kocaeli
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Every Day, 30 Bikes Are Damaged In Kocaeli!

The repair works of Kocaeli Smart Bicycle System KOBIS, which has been initiated by the Department of Transportation as an alternative transportation service to urban public transportation since 2014, are carried out within the body of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Everyday [more…]

busworld busbus fair at the bus fair
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Kocaeli Wind at Busworld Bus Fair

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality participated in the Bus Industry and Sub-Industry International Trade Fair (Busworld International) held in Istanbul. On behalf of the Metropolitan Program, Head of Transportation Department Ahmet Çelebi and one of the Metropolitan subsidiaries, TransportationPark A.Ş. [more…]

mobile office caravan going to Kandira
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Mobile Office Caravan Goes to Kandira

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic Management, Travel Cards Unit in order to meet the increasing demands of Mobile Office Caravan is going to Kandira. Mobile Office Caravan, 5 is in Kandira for citizens throughout the day [more…]

mobile office caravan in karamurselde
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Mobile Office Caravan in Karamürsel

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic Management, Mobile Office Caravan started to meet the increasing demands in the travel cards unit, was deployed on the coast of Karamürsel. Mobile Office Caravan to citizens on Friday in Karamürsel [more…]

The number of members of the SME reached thousand
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100 Number of Members of SME

Kocaeli Smart Bike System “KOBİS ği project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality which was put into operation in 2014 is 3. with stage 12 was established in the district. 71 station, 864 smart parking units and 500 smart bicycle [more…]

kobis and mobile office on the beach of karavani cebeci
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SME and Mobile Office Caravan at Cebeci Beach

Kocaeli Smart Bicycle System “KOBİS geçen, which started its operations in 2014, was established in 12 district. Mobile Office Caravan Cebeci for the citizens to benefit from the Ofis SME ”system in Kandira, one of the most important points of summer tourism in Kocaeli [more…]

he likes
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Kocaeli Loved KOBIS

KOBİS (Kocaeli Bicycle Transportation System) Project implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Public Transportation attracted great interest. The project started in Izmit and then spread to 12 district. New stations [more…]


Umuttepe Cycling Road is Safer

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Kocaeli University Faculty of Theology and Kabaoğlu-Arizl bicycle road on the road to the painting work was carried out. 3 km of the bike path [more…]


People like Kobis

Kocaeli Bike Transportation System (Kobis), which is offered by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in 2014 for a healthy and ideal city life, is increasing day by day. With Kobis [more…]