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Konya Science Center at TEKNOFEST

Science Center in Konya, Turkey's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST) attending. To raise awareness on aviation, space and technology issues, to help children and young people to research and work on future technologies. [more…]

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Antalya Airport Tram Stopped

Antalya Airport Tram Schedules Stopped: Tramway connections to Antalya Airport were temporarily stopped for security reasons. 36 people lost their lives in the terrorist attacks that took place in Istanbul Ataturk Airport last night. [more…]

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3. Surveying to Select Airport Name

A Survey is Conducted to Choose the Name of the Airport: A survey is being conducted for the name of Istanbul's 2018rd Airport, which is planned to be completed in 3. The results are interesting. In the survey conducted for Istanbul's 2018rd Airport, which is planned to be completed in 3, [more…]


Atlasjet Launches London Flights

Atlasjet's London Flights Started: Atlasjet's scheduled scheduled flights from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to London Luton Airport took place today (02 on Friday). Delight is served to the passengers, the pilots and cabin crew are sent off with flowers [more…]

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Atatürk Airport displaced Frankfurt

Atatürk Airport has displaced Frankfurt: Atatürk Airport increased the number of passengers by 11 percent and became the third most used airport in Europe. Istanbul Atatürk Airport passed Frankfurt and Amsterdam airports in the first quarter of the year. [more…]


Konya's new airport terminal will fly

Konyası's New Airport will fly the terminal: Passenger capacity will increase by 3,5 times when the terminal building under construction is completed. The new terminal building, which will be well equipped in terms of social facilities, [more…]

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3rd Airport statement from the Minister

3rd airport statement from the Minister: Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek said that the construction of the airport would be disrupted if the measure placed on the businessmen who took the tender for the construction of the airport in relation to the investigation made on 23 December is not lifted. [more…]

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Metro worked for AKP members until morning

Metro worked until morning for AKP members Metro and metrobus services in Istanbul were extended until the morning due to the arrival of the Prime Minister... Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan completed his official visits in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and returned to Turkey. [more…]