Ertiryakili TÜVASAŞ

17 after the August earthquake almost razed to the ground, which was sitting on the heart of the debate to Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation not to run again ... On the one hand, this is no longer produced even a wagon factory gate are closed [more…]

Hejaz Railway
218 Libya

Ottoman Heritage Hejaz Railway

It turned out that Kastamonu gave the biggest support to the Hejaz Railway, which was built between Damascus and Medina between 1900 and 1908. One of the biggest projects in the last period of the Ottoman Empire. [more…]


Fuel oil with land and rail

Those who want to transit gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from Turkey to Iraq by road or rail, crude oil from Iraq to Turkey, and diesel, gasoline and jet fuel from Georgia to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic via Turkey [more…]


Production in a Pale

Sivas Concrete Sleeper Factory, which was founded last year with the participation of 2 minister, started production without a year. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Habib Soluk, our factory for mass production [more…]