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Indonesia, New Locomotive Receiver 400

Indonesia to Buy 400 New Locomotives: Indonesian Transport Minister Ignasius Jonan announced that the country will buy 400 locomotives. The locomotives to be purchased will be produced by General Electric or Electro-Motive Diesel. [more…]

62 Indonesia

Train Minivan in Indonesia

Train minibus in Indonesia killed 16: As a result of the collision between the train and the minibus in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, 16 people lost their lives and 8 people were seriously injured. Police officials said the accident occurred in Angke district of Jakarta. [more…]

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Festival Children's Cable Car Enjoyment

3. International teams from four countries to participate in the International Folklore Festival and ride the cable car in the Şahinbey Park, Miniatürk'u and watched the musical show Light foreign water fascinated Sahinbey Park. For Festival [more…]