gendarmerie supplies t helicopters
06 Ankara

Gendarmerie Supplies 30 T-70 Helicopters

Gendarmerie General Command published its 2020 Activity Report. In the report, which also touches on aviation projects, it was stated that 70 of the T-3 helicopters, which the General Directorate of Forestry gave up to buy, were allocated to the Gendarmerie General Command, and the delivery was planned to be completed in 2026. Included in 2008 [more…]

turksat in space

TÜRKSAT 6A in Space at 2022

In the 120th issue of the in-house communication magazine of Turkish Aviation and Space Industry, information on the capabilities of TÜRKSAT 6A and TAI was presented. In order to develop the first domestic and national communication satellite of our country and to meet the satellite needs of TÜRKSAT A.Ş. [more…]

Second p maritime station aircraft delivery took place
Sea Defence

Second P-72 Naval Patrol Aircraft Delivery Has Been Made

Deliveries continue in the MELTEM-3 project, which is carried out by the Presidency of Defense Industry, which provides significant added value to our Naval Forces Command in Defense of the Blue Homeland. Within the scope of the project, the second P-72 Marine Patrol Aircraft was delivered. SSB President Demir: “P-72 [more…]

We're ready to invest ALSTOM turkiyeye
33 France

French Alstom 'Ready to Invest in Turkey'

French Alstom's Middle East and Turkey General Manager Sougoufar stating that Turkey's railway transport has a unique position in the "Both local as well as opportunities for our users, we closely follow the main line operator. invest in Turkey [more…]

New deliveries of tskya hgk gudum kits have been realized
06 Ankara

New Deliveries of HGK-82 Guidance Kits to TAF

New deliveries of the Precision Guidance Kit HGK-82, developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE, to the Turkish Armed Forces were made. Deliveries of HGK-82, an important element of our air power, which was developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE and mass produced by ASELSAN, continue. By subject [more…]

Cumhuriyet Teknokent to Become a Software Base
58 Sivas

Cumhuriyet Teknokent to Become a Software Base

Cumhuriyet Teknokent, which was established on September 7, 2007 in cooperation with Sivas Governorship, Cumhuriyet University, Sivas Municipality, Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Commerce Industry, Cumhuriyet University Foundation and Bilkent University affiliated with Ankara Cyberpark, continues its activities to become the software center of the region [more…]

Transferable Communication Center Agreement Entered
06 Ankara

Transferable Communication Center Agreement Entered

A contract was signed between the Ministry of National Defense and ASELSAN for the supply of the Deployable Communication Center needed by the Naval Forces Command and entered into force. İEMM, as an alternative to the existing communication / news centers of the Naval Forces Command, in extraordinary situations (war, [more…]

turk turkey world aviation was included in the quality process
06 Ankara

Turkey was included in the World Aviation Quality Process

FIELD Istanbul Turkey's leadership in the aerospace industry giants forming the National Aviation Industry Committee was created with the participation of companies (touchstone) with Turkey, the European Aviation Quality Group (EAQG) integration was completed 13th country. Turkey and thus manages the aviation industry in the world [more…]

Sparrow UAV
17 Canakkale

SERÇE Multi-Rotor UAV Against Forest Fires

SERÇE Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System was requested by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for aerial exploration of the fire within the scope of the forest fire extinguishing activities in the historical Gallipoli Peninsula, Eceabat district. Accordingly, [more…]

First delivery of gendarmerie sahingozu od thermal cameras
06 Ankara

First Deliveries of Şahingözü-OD Thermal Cameras to JGK

In the statement made via Twitter, the social media account of the Turkish Defense Industry Presidency, it was stated that the first delivery of Şahingözü-OD thermal cameras produced by ASELSAN to the Gendarmerie General Command was made. The statement in question is as follows: “The first deliveries of Şahingözü-OD Thermal Cameras to JGK. [more…]

Armored vehicles were delivered to the security forces
06 Ankara

1800 Armored Vehicles were delivered to the Security Forces

Making a statement at the evaluation meeting of the second year of the Presidential Government System, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave information about the latest situation regarding ongoing defense industry projects. In Erdogan's speech, 1800 armored vehicles were sent to security forces in the last two years. [more…]