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35 Izmir

Gulf View Parking Opened in Hatay

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Hatay, which is one of the areas where parking is the most intense need for the second car park. 465 car capacity Hakimevleri Storey Car Park was opened with a ceremony attended by President Aziz Kocaoğlu. 460 square meter on the roof [more…]

parking garage on Saturday
35 Izmir

Parking in Hatay Opens on Saturday

The 8 floor and 429 car parking lot, built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Hatay, opens on Saturday in November. With its rooftop seating areas, pool and viewing terrace, it is a pleasant place for residents. [more…]

35 Izmir

Don't Pass the Parking Area

The 8 multi-storey car park built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Hatay will be put into service in September. With seating areas on the roof, a pool and a viewing terrace, 429 will be a pleasant resting place for the residents. [more…]