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Triplet problem in Marmaray!

Triplet problem in Marmaray: As you may remember, I reflected the problem of crossing the road at two important stations of Marmaray, Yenikapı and Kazlıçeşme, with striking frames. As you can remember, there is no passage or passage in front of Yenikapı Station. [more…]

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Properties of Marmaray

Features of Marmaray: Marmaray and Üsküdar and Sirkeci on both sides of the Bosporus were connected to each other by a tube passage built under the sea by submerged technique. Kazlıçeşme on the European side and Ayrılıkçeşme on the Anatolian side [more…]

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He gave a date for Marmaray's brother

He gave a date for Marmaray's brother: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, announced that another sister project was made to Marmaray. Yıldırım said, “Marmaray is a railway project, it is a transcontinental project that will connect Western Europe from the Far East. [more…]

Marmaray Stops Map
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Başakşehir Kirazlı Metro Line Opened

Otogar-Bağcılar-Başakşehir Olympiadköy Metro Line, which will make a great contribution to the solution of Istanbul's traffic problem with speed, comfort and safe transportation, has started to carry passengers. Citizens of Bağcılar greeted the metro with applause. Implemented in the European Side of Istanbul [more…]

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Ataköy 5.

Ataköy 5.Part Railway Station is Under Construction 29 Within the scope of Marmaray Project, which is planned to be completed on October 2013, Ataköy 5, which was previously planned. Part of the train station is being made. When the project is completed, people who take the train from Ataköy search [more…]

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Istanbul Trams 99 Age

Istanbul Trams are 99 Age 11 For the first time on February 1914, the electric trams serving for the people of Istanbul are 99 years old. One of the most beautiful ornament of Istanbul photographs [more…]

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Project of Post-Marmaray Istanbul

Project of the Century After Marmaray, Istanbul The countdown has begun for the day when Marmaray, which is accepted as the engineering project of the century, will open. Crossing the mountains, plains, streams, and rough terrains with steep slopes, it has completely transformed Turkey. [more…]

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Istanbul Havaray Project

From which districts the Istanbul Havaray Project will pass Havaray support is coming to public transportation in Istanbul. The system, which is thought to be on 8 separate lines for short distances, will make air flights without affecting the existing traffic and roads. Transportation of the megacity [more…]


The Project of the Century came to Marmaray

Marmaray is a suburban line improvement project consisting of three parts, the foundations of which were laid in 2004 and the construction continues, which will connect the European and Asian sides under the Bosphorus. Marmaray is a Eurotunnel-like train in the English Channel. [more…]

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IETT 2 new line 36 per month

IETT, which has been providing public transportation services to Istanbul for 141 years, has opened a total of 2 new lines, including 20 in Europe and 16 in the Anatolian side to meet the transportation needs of Istanbul. New on the European side [more…]

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At the third airport intersection

The distance between Ataturk Airport and the third airport of Istanbul will be 35 km. Approximate 6 – 7 billion euros will be discarded for the new airport. As a new airport location in Silivri for a long time [more…]

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The first source for Marmaray's tracks Kadıköy'also

The source of the iron rails in the Marmaray Project, Kadıköywas held at Marmaray Ayrılık Çeşme Station in Marmaray. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the ceremony. After the completion of the tube passage in Marmaray, the stage of laying the rails was started. Tayyip Erdogan, [more…]

Map of Marmaray
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Kartal Kadıköy Test Drive of Metro Line Has Been Held

Kartal Kadıköy The test drive of the metro line took place. With the metro line, which is planned to be put into service in February 2012, underground transportation service to the Anatolian Side of Istanbul will have started for the first time in the history of the republic. Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]