The Eskisehir design and innovation center has come to an end
26 Eskisehir

Ended at Eskişehir Design and Innovation Center

Eskişehir OIZ Deputy Chairman and ATAP Board Member Metin Saraç said, “Eskişehir Design and Innovation Project, which will be established in Eskişehir Technology Development Zone with the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the EU Delegation to Turkey. [more…]

Eskisehir economy is on the way
26 Eskisehir

Eskisehir Economy on the Road

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), the provisional foreign trade figures for May, released by assessing President Earring, despite the continued decline in export figures of Eskisehir, Turkey said they were in good position than in the general. Earring in exports [more…]

for covid test eskisehir osb ready for inspection
26 Eskisehir

Eskişehir OSB Ready for the Covid-19 Test

In their joint statement, Eskişehir OSB President Nadir Küpeli and Deputy Chairman Metin Saraç stated that they are ready for Covid-19 tests to be conducted in Eskişehir. Description; Covid-19 scanning, which started to be carried out in OIZs in Kocaeli and Ankara, [more…]

an additional tax on the import of white goods
26 Eskisehir

A Tax Decision In Addition To Import In White Goods

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eskişehir OSB, Nadir Küpeli, supported the country's industry to maintain its production and competitiveness during this transition period of the additional customs duty, which will be applied at rates of up to 30 percent on various imported products. [more…]

we should get out of the aviation industry
26 Eskisehir

We Should Protect the Aviation Industry

Stating that the developments in the aviation industry negatively affect exports, Eskişehir OIZ President Nadir Küpeli said, “The developments in the world civil aviation industry started to affect our export, the aviation industry, which is the eye of Eskişehir industry. Defense and [more…]

Coronavirus Affects Most Exporters
26 Eskisehir

Coronavirus Affected Most Exporter

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), according to data released by the April exports 45 per cent of exports of Eskisehir on the previous month, while the total in the first four months showed a 12 percent decline. Eskişehir Organized [more…]

focused on what can be done on eso and eosb rail systems
26 Eskisehir

Focused on ESO and EOSB Rail Systems

A regular 'Consultation Meeting' was held by the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) and Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB). At the meeting, evaluations regarding the rail systems sector were examined. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry [more…]

Eskisehir OSB hosted the bass player
26 Eskisehir

Eskişehir OSB Hosted Attorney General

Nadir Küpeli, Chairman of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, hosted Murat İrcal who was appointed as the Chief Public Prosecutor of Eskişehir. Metin Saraç, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of EOSB, Yavuz Ayva, Members of the Board of Directors, [more…]

tulomsas should move to the organized industrial zone
26 Eskisehir

TÜLOMSAŞ should be moved to the OIZ

Ektaş, who stated that by moving TÜLOMSAŞ to the Organized Industrial Zone, both contributing to the railway cluster and providing solutions to the city traffic thanks to the vacated land, Ektaş, the Chairman of the GOOD Party Province, said that TÜLOMSAŞ's [more…]


Wounded for National YHT

To congratulate TÜLOMSAŞ for the National High Speed ​​​​Train (MYHT), which is considered to be one of the biggest projects of our country and to be built by TÜLOMSAŞ, and to get detailed information about the project. [more…]


UK to Invest in Eskişehir

Jan We would like to make some investments here on behalf of the Kingdom of England, Lord said Lord Janvrin, UK Trade Ambassador, who came to see what Tepebaşı Municipality has done on sustainable energy and smart city. United Kingdom [more…]