ISTE's ENERGY Increases

İskenderun Technical University (İSTE) Energy Institute starts to accept students. As the name suggests, the Energy Systems Engineering Department within the Institute focuses on “energy olan which is strategically important for the future of our country; "energy" [more…]


This is how women are trained (Video)

This is how Ms. Vatmanlar is being educated: In Samsun, the patriot candidates who will use millions of pounds of trams are going through a challenging training process. Samsun Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate and SAMULAŞ'ın protocol with the percentage [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray warning from Guardian

Marmaray warning from the Guardian: Described as the “project of the century”, Marmaray resonates in the foreign press. The Guardian Newspaper gave a news about the opening of the tunnel section of the Marmaray project and the warnings of experts. The news reflecting the BBC Turkish [more…]

rail system technologies

Rail System Technologies

SECTOR MOTORIZED VEHICLES, TRANSPORTATION SERVICES AND BUILDING-CONSTRUCTION AREA RAIL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTION OF THE FIELD The field of education is given to train the competencies of the branches under the field of Rail Systems Technology. FIELD [more…]


55 workers will be recruited to TÜVASAŞ

It was decided to recruit 55 new personnel to TÜVASAŞ, which is on the agenda to move to Ferizli. Personnel to be recruited through İş-Kur are required to get 60 base points from KPSS and reside in Sakarya. Electrical, electronic, plumbing, [more…]

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Signalization Control Engineer to Ankara Metro

PROJECT AND CONTRACTING ACTIVITIES OF OUR COMPANY IN ANKARA METRO CONSTRUCTION SITE ELECTRIC, ELECTRIC-ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS SEARCHTAYIZ Graduated from the Electrical or Electrical-Electronics Engineering departments of the universities Signaling systems to be installed in rail systems preferably [more…]


Tüvasaş and Eurotem

After the 1960s when it was one of the poor countries, there are many world brand companies in South Korea, which has increased its per capita national income to over 20 thousand dollars today. High-speed train, iron and steel, automotive, energy [more…]

If you are hanging, nasaya is selling copper wire

About Sarkuysan

Sarkuysan was established in 1972 under the leadership of goldsmiths and jewelers who trade in gold in the Grand Bazaar, one of the important centers of our commercial life. Its name consists of the first 3 letters of the words SARraf, KUYumcu and SANatkar, which express the professions of its founders. [more…]