call for resignation via corlu train accident
59 Corlu

Train Accidents Call for Resignation

Call for Resignation via Çorlu Train Accident; The Republican People's Party (CHP), who received the microphone in the 2020 budget negotiations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure at the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission, View Ilhami's Full Profile [more…]

59 Tekirdag

25 to 4 for 15

8 July 2018'de Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, 25 people's death and 340 people were injured in the train accident that resulted in the indictment was accepted. In the indictment, the grille under the rail and traves in 1873 [more…]

silence after corlu
59 Tekirdag

Silence After Corlu Train Disaster

25 people were killed and 340 people were injured in the Çorlu train disaster. Claims that the accident was covered up by experts. 25 person died in Çorlu train disaster as a result of neglect and lack of supervision. [more…]