tcdd and tudemsas housing can not rent
58 Sivas

TCDD and TÜDEMSAŞ Housing Buildings

Udem Haksen Chairman Abdullah Peker stated that there are social facilities that TUDEMSAŞ personnel can benefit from and 247 housing units that will provide opportunities, “Employees working in public institutions and organizations are close to the workplaces of civil servants. [more…]


UDEM-HAKSEN In A Response To Bus Hike

In Sivas, the high increase in transportation is determined as follows: Student 1.50 from 1,75tlye, full 2.75 3.25 tl. Considering the length of the road conditions in Sivas, we see the price of the hike as expensive. The same prices in the metropolis [more…]

06 Ankara

Reducing TCDD Basic Fee Groups from 5 to 3

Reduction of TCDD Basic Wage Groups from 5 to 3: As UDEM HAKSEN, as you know, as a result of our intense efforts, we have been subject to the 39th article of the Collective Agreement, “Contracted personnel working in SOEs within the scope of the Decree Law No. 399. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Sivas Divriği Raybüs Line Paralysis

Sivas Divriği Raybus Line Paralysis: As you know, the problems about Raybuses that make transportation between Sivas Divrigi, which has been carried to the agenda many times by different people and institutions that do not fall off the agenda, do not end. I Ude [more…]