Giant Projects in Uludag

Giant Projects in Uludağ Will End After 2,5 Years: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they are working to make Uludağ a place that attracts tourists for 4 seasons and said, “Projects have been going on since July. [more…]

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President Altepeden Bursalılara double gospel

Double good news from Mayor Altepe to Bursa residents: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe gave double good news at the November council meeting. President Altepe said that both the symbol of Bursa cable car and BursaRay eastern stage expeditions were announced for the year. [more…]

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Uludag's New Cable Car opens at New Year's Eve

Uludag's New Cable Car opens at the beginning of the year: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe announced at the November council meeting that the symbol of Bursa, the cable car, will start service at the beginning of the year. November council meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council [more…]

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Silkworm Tramway is Turkey's Pride Source

Deputy Minister of Transport Yahya Baş, who participated in the test drive of Turkey's first domestic tram, 'Silkworm', which was produced in Bursa, said, "The domestic tram produced under the leadership of our Metropolitan Municipality is a source of pride for our country." BURSA – Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

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Tram is spoken in Bursa

There's a tram in Bursa. The historic city center and its immediate surroundings are surrounded by rail for tram application and the first vehicle is also circulating. The first vehicle produced by the private sector in Bursa [more…]

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Bursa cares about tram

Tram blinked lightning! Despite the discussions… Bursa cares about the tram. Because… Even though different thoughts and criticisms are mentioned with political and technical dialects, the citizen wants the transportation to be easy and economical. The name of BursaRay [more…]

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Who is against BUDO

Who is opposed to BUDO. Who called for Altepe in the middle of the sea who is against BUDO? After the dynamic ticket price application like İDO's airline tickets, passengers from Bursa like İDO [more…]

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Cable Car, the Symbol of Bursa, Made its Last Expedition

The cable car, which has been providing transportation between the city center and Uludağ for 49 years, one of the important symbols of Bursa, carried its last passengers today. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, a member of the AK Party, has so far served hundreds of thousands of passengers. [more…]