the world's best quality mountain erciyes
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World's Best Quality Mountain Erciyes

Erciyes, the World's Highest Quality: Erciyes, one of the world's leading winter tourism centers with the investments of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, is at the top with its quality. TSE-ISO 10002 and IQNet Certificate in international ski resorts [more…]

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Disabled Individuals Met in Erciyes

Disabled Individuals Meet in Erciyes: This year 7. Erciyes International Snow Festival for the Disabled was held in Erciyes with the participation of approximately 400 visually, hearing and physically disabled citizens. National and international organizations [more…]

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March Skiing in Erciyge

Erciyes Ski and another in March: Turkey's Erciyes ski resort with the longest winter season, heavy snowfall in March and are experiencing the most ideal period for kayaksev firmly with the runway. December to mid-April [more…]

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Breaths Held in Erciyes

Breaths were held in Erciyes: March for the second time this year 4 which will be held at Erciyes FIS Snowboard World Cup countdown begins, world famous snowboarders began training at Erciyes the track for the first time in Turkey's history ... [more…]

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Erciyesi will recognize the world

The World Will Recognize Erciyesi: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that they started a promotional attack with the opening of the new season in Erciyes, and said that the whole world will recognize Erciyes. President Çelik, 1450 in Erciyes, Kayseri city [more…]

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Skiing in Erciyeste

Erciyeste Ski Season Extended: Erciyes snow continues to effect. The ski season in Erciyes was extended to the first week of April due to the rainfall that was effective for two days. In recent days, the temperature of the seasonal normals [more…]

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Erciyes Becomes a Place for Brands

Erciyes Becomes a Place for Brands: Famous Austrian ski equipment manufacturer HEAD chose Erciyes as its product promotion base for the 2015-16 winter season. The investments made by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and the mountain management model applied [more…]


Winter tourism discussed in the panel of TUYED

Winter tourism was discussed in TUYED's panel: Turkey's winter tourism potential was under the spotlight in the panel organized in cooperation with TUYED and Sabancı University. Snow facilities and skiing opportunities, developing destinations and projects are discussed. [more…]

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An enormous ski resort in Erciyes

Erciyes is an enormous ski resort: The owners and senior managers of the ski resorts in Austria, which is the most important winter tourism center in the world with its 25% share from the world's winter tourism, came to see Erciyes. [more…]

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Erciyese ski resort owners in Ski Resort

Erciyese from the Owners of Ski Centers in Austria Full Note: The owners and senior managers of the ski resorts in Austria, which is the most important winter tourism center in the world with its 25% share in the world's winter tourism, welcome Erciyes. [more…]

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Erciyes Ski Center Opened to the World

Erciyes Ski Center Opened to the World: Investments made to make Erciyes a world-class winter tourism center have started to attract foreign tourists to Kayseri. Two separate foreign groups from Denmark and the Netherlands, Erciyes' excellent [more…]