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They will receive the award of İZBAN together

They will receive the award of İZBAN together İZBAN, which was born from the cooperation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, was deemed worthy of an award among 3400 members of the International Transporters Association. Binali Yıldırım and Aziz Kocaoğlu will go together to receive the award. [more…]

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Kocaoglu Answered Questions Related to the Rail System

İZMİR Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu made striking statements about the rail system projects, which he attaches the most importance in İzmir transportation. They are waiting for the approval of the DPT for the tram project they will do with credit, and the metro is the first two [more…]

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What is actually happening in Izmir?

It is very difficult to understand the events in Izmir in their plain form… One day, it is said that there is a strike in Izban, and 13 people are fired by GSM message before it is understood… If the workers apologize afterwards, they will be forgiven and dismissed. [more…]

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İZBAN Strike Crisis Grows

After the consensus could not be reached in the collective bargaining agreement in İZBAN, the machinists went into action today and the trains did not walk. İZBAN fired 13 people by sending SMS to the mobile engineers who took action. the izban [more…]

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Is Kocaoğlu Imitating Sait?

AK Party Izmir Deputy Rifat Sait, who went to Austria for an official visit in the last weeks, examined the city's infrastructure facilities, transportation and especially metro and tram systems in Vienna. Sait in Vienna [more…]

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Why doesn't the Metro of Izmir (3)?

Local elections were held and Aziz Kocaoglu was re-elected as the president of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. As we have seen, the goal of political power to alma take Izmir medi has not been realized. Since the GCC cancellation process has not been completed at this time, the government has [more…]

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Why is Aziz President İzmir's Metro not ending?

So far, everyone wrote something for the subway returned to the story of the snake wrote, the result has not changed, but who was to blame for it? Aziz Kocaoglu, STFA Engineering-Semally (Consultancy Company), Bayindir Construction, Bozoglu Construction, Oztas Construction, [more…]

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Bravo Aziz Kocaoglu

Chairman M.Gökçek has been elected four times since 1994 and continues to serve as Ankara Metropolitan President. Beyond the twittering, which has been intrigued these days, the AKP is not a statement (!) sözcüis in the su position. He is an agenda changer. Let's come, from Kızılay, from Tandoğan [more…]

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New 100 bus to Izmir

The protocol regarding 100 buses to be purchased by İZULAŞ AŞ, one of the companies of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, from Otokar was signed with a ceremony. In addition to Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, the signing ceremony at the Historical Coal Gas Factory was attended by [more…]

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İZBAN Growing

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Izmir Commuter System 4-6 time to reduce the frequency of the use of more efficient use of the said, TCDD Management asked for support in this regard. To be used in Izmir Suburban System [more…]

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Cooperation for Rail Systems.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, which cooperated to bring the 80-kilometer rail system to İzmir on the İZMİR - Aliağa - Menderes line, sat at the cooperation table for the second time for İzmir Bay. north of the bay [more…]