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A fire broke out in the Metrobus Vehicle in Avcılar.

A fire broke out in the Metrobus vehicle in Avcılar. Flights were delayed! In Avcılar, a fire broke out in the engine section of a metrobus, whose passengers were unloaded at the stop due to a malfunction. Fire: The engine of the metrobus vehicle moving in the direction of Beylikdüzü near Avcılar Metrobus stop. [more…]

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The bomb attack at Avcılar metrobus stop

Avcılar metrobus station bomb notification: Avcılar metrobus station bomb notification was made. According to the last-minute information received, the explosion notice in the morning hours of the metrobus station of Avcilar Central University Campus [more…]

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Protest Action from CHP to Transportation Hike

Protest Action by CHP against Transportation Increases: The Republican People's Party (CHP) Avcılar District Presidency Youth Branch made a press statement at Avcılar metrobus station to protest the latest hikes in urban transportation in Istanbul. to explain [more…]

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BM4 bus line extended to Avcılar Metrobus stop

BM4 bus line has been extended to Avcılar Metrobus stop: İhlas Marmara Houses in order to facilitate the transportation of citizens as a result of the negotiations made by Beylikdüzü Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs Transportation Office with İETT Regional Directorate. [more…]

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Metrobus passengers want metro

Metrobus passengers want the subway: Istanbul's urban transport, which provides convenience in the first years of the metrobus is no longer difficult to lift the traffic load. Passengers who use the Metrobus heavily, especially Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu line from time to time clogging [more…]

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Metrobus sting of walking hurdle

BRT ordeal for the walking disabled: The elevators and escalators that do not work at Avcılar and Beylikdüzü metrobus stops on the D-100 Highway are the ordeal of the disabled, elderly and babies. Hüseyin Yıldırak, 38, who lives in Esenyurt, has a walking disability. [more…]

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Avcılar metrobus stop 45 days off

Avcılar metrobus station is closed for 45 days: Avcılar Social Facilities (İETT Camp) metrobus station will not be able to serve for 21 days since Sunday, September 45, due to renovation works. from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Avcılar Metrobus Station Renewing

Avcılar Metrobus Station is Renovated: Avcılar Social Facilities (İETT Camp) metrobus station will not be able to serve for 21 days since Sunday, September 45, due to renovation works. According to the statement from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

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10 golden rule of riding metrobus

10 golden rules of getting on the metrobus: Metrobus is the biggest nightmare of those traveling in Istanbul. However, considering that 3 million people use the metrobus a day, it would be very wrong if we were to diagnose an Istanbulite with Stockholm Syndrome. [more…]

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Metrobus was okubus

Metrobus became an okubus In Istanbul, students studying at different universities organized a reading activity on the metrobus to draw attention to the low rate of reading books in Turkey. Students who came together with the slogan 'Okubus' [more…]

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Metrobus Greetings

Metrobus Passengers Applauded the Joke. The joke I made to the passenger who lied to me on the phone was applauded… Last night, I was going home by metrobus. My phone rang. I saw my mother calling. Like every student, I have financial [more…]