year of the ministry of transport approved
06 Ankara

2020 Budget of Ministry of Transport Approved

Ministry of Transport's 2020 Budget Approved; Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, spoke on the Ministry's 2020 budget at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. They are working for both the present and the future of Turkey, [more…]

Channel Istanbul Route
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Channel Istanbul Last Route

The Kanal Istanbul project will start from Yeniköy, follow the Sazlıdere Dam and meet Marmara from Küçükçekmece Lake. When determining the exact route of Kanal Istanbul, where rumors about its route have been circulating for months, geographical conditions should be taken into consideration. [more…]

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Channel Istanbul Where to do?

Canal Istanbul route, which was announced in 2011 and known as the "crazy project" in the public, is being wondered by the citizens. Here is the route of Kanal Istanbul… Last January, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan [more…]

Channel Istanbul
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Channel Pressed for Istanbul

7 years, Turkey's Channel snake returned to the story of a crazy project in Istanbul on the agenda Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process was started again. The project was suspended in December and 24 has steam within hours [more…]

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The channel of the EIA in Kanal Istanbul

Although the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan announced the route of Channel Istanbul in 15 January, the EIA file has not yet been sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Channel Istanbul's EIA application file is first in December [more…]

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Channel Istanbul's Energy Works Began

BEDAŞ, which provides the electricity for the 3 Airport, started to work for Kanal Istanbul. General Manager Yiğit said, uz We have been preparing for a while. We started to think about Başakşehir and Arnavutköy. ” Publicly known as 'Crazy Project' [more…]

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Campaigns in Channel Projects

With the clarification of the route of Canal Istanbul, mobility started in the projects under construction in the region. Sales offices entertained visitors who wanted to get home near the canal. Companies are also trying to organize different campaigns to turn this interest into sales. [more…]

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Do not fall into this trap in Kanal Istanbul!

When the route of Kanal Istanbul was announced, vigilantes who claimed to sell “land and houses with canal view” began to attract those who wanted to invest into the trap. As soon as the route of Kanal Istanbul is announced, real estate advertisement sites “channel [more…]

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Details of Kanal Istanbul project

One of Turkey's giant project towards goal 2023 1 for Canal Istanbul / 100 thousand-sized route and reserve building plan was completed. individually determined all the details of Turkey's face flux project. To the last plan [more…]

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Denial to Channel Istanbul's route

A new statement came from Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transportation, on the route of Istanbul, which was stated to be definite. Minister Arslan said that the studies will continue and the route will be finalized after these studies. President Recep Tayyip [more…]

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What is the width of the Channel Istanbul?

The tender for the Kanal Istanbul project will be held at the earliest in the second half of next year. Survey project studies will be completed in the first half of the year. With the completed works, channel width according to the size of the ship can find 600 meters Transportation, Maritime [more…]

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The last stage of the Canal Istanbul Project

Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, has reached the final stage for the Kanal Istanbul Project: “The tender for the survey, project and engineering services of the 3-Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel Project was awarded to Yüksel, one of the major consultancy companies in Turkey. [more…]

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Attention to land opportunists in Kanal Istanbul

Attention to land opportunists in Kanal Istanbul: Minister of Transport Arslan made a 'land warning' to the citizens about Kanal Istanbul: We do not share the route without clarification. There will be someone trying to market this, our citizens should be careful. Citizen is playing toto, if it does not hold [more…]

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Channel reached the final stage in Istanbul

Canal Istanbul has reached the final stage: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan announced that the Kanal Istanbul project has reached the final stage. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan, statements about major projects [more…]

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Kanal Istanbul puzzle in Arnavutköy

Canal Istanbul riddle in Arnavutköy: The announcement that the Kanal Istanbul route may change has affected the land prices in Arnavutköy. Although the discussion of various projects increases the prices in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, the announcement that the route of Kanal Istanbul may change has caused confusion in the selection of land in Arnavutköy. [more…]