bursaray demirtaspasa station name is changing
16 Bursa

The Name of Bursaray Demirtaşpaşa Station is Changing

When Bursaray was put into service in 2002, the names of the stations were determined by the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality Council before the system started to work. At that time, as in all world cities, it was adopted to create stops with the name of the district. However, later on, the names of some stations [more…]

fear of coronavirus increased bursa traffic
16 Bursa

Fear of Coronavirus Increased Bursa Traffic!

Civil Engineer M. Tözün Bingöl, who we care about his observations, comments and warnings about Bursa transportation and share them in these columns, says: “With the coronavirus panic, travel by public transportation vehicles has decreased. Especially in Bursaray during peak hours. [more…]

bursa city hospital metro how mudanya road affects passage traffic
16 Bursa

How Does Bursaray City Hospital Line Affect Mudanya Road-Crossing Traffic?

Its construction was undertaken by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with the decision of the Presidency. The Metropolitan Municipality, which prepared the project, aims to make the tender "even if it is with a trace fee of 1 lira" this year and to start like a quarry. There is no doubt that the extension of Bursaray will ease the transportation to the City Hospital. But, [more…]

If the tender of the bursa city hospital subway is going to be laid this year,
16 Bursa

Bursa City Hospital Subway Tender Will Be Put This Year In 2021

Although… Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş was always bringing the issue to the agenda of Ankara and wanted it on behalf of Bursa. In every meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, AK Party Bursa deputies, especially Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Chairman of the Human Rights Investigation Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, express this to the upper bureaucracy. [more…]

bursaray will not experience capacity problems in our year
16 Bursa

The next 10-15 years Bursaray will not experience capacity problems

It's like a film strip… We were excited when the late Ekrem Barışık announced that the work had begun to switch to the rail system in urban transportation. As the late Teoman Özalp took the first step, we shared Cavit Çağlar's statement “We solved the credit problem” with the same excitement as the State Balance of the period. Then… During Erdem Saker period, Bursaray [more…]

bursaray will provide electricity from the sun
16 Bursa

Bursaray Will Reduce Electricity Bill With Solar Energy

In Bursa's rail public transportation business, solar energy will be used to lower the electricity bill. In Bursa's rail public transportation business, solar energy will be used to lower the electricity bill. Bursa Transportation Inc., affiliated to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. (BURULAŞ), with a process initiated by 'Solar Energy [more…]

bursaray twice a day
16 Bursa

Bursaray Intensive Twice a Day!

The invitation was made by the Chamber of Civil Engineers Transportation Commission, and the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, accepted and participated. Moreover… IMO Bursa Branch President Mehmet Albayrak and Aktaş, who cared about the meeting in which the board of directors were present, brought their bureaucrats related to transportation. For example… Burulaş [more…]

The name of a station changes in scholarship
16 Bursa

The name of a station changes in Bursaray

It is not easy to change the names that are established among the people, but there is a necessity in this. Because the name of one of the districts where the rail lines were divided into two was already a major shortcoming. A lot of Bursaray [more…]

bursaray metro
16 Bursa

Bursaray Subway

Bursaray Metro: BursaRay route joins at Emek Station on Mudanya Road and Acemler Station on the west starting from University. Then, following Ankara Road, from the City Square to Şehreküstü Square and Haşim İşcan [more…]

nighttime shifts
16 Bursa

Night Shift in BursaRay

Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to transportation activities with a 'modern and easily accessible city target' in Bursa, continues its work day and night on rail system lines. Metropolitan Municipality, citizens in the city, comfortable and safe way to travel [more…]

bursar transport signaling setting
16 Bursa

Transportation Signalization Setting in Bursaray!

Within the scope of the signalization optimization studies carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase the passenger capacity of Bursaray, the services between Kültürpark-23 Evler stations on 24 and 2019 July 152 will be terminated at 23:10. Transportation in Bursa [more…]

Bursarayda Campaigns Started Again
16 Bursa

Expeditions Started Again in Bursaray

Train services between Kültürpark-Nilüfer stations and Kültürpark-Karaman stations, which were temporarily closed due to a malfunction caused by a lightning strike in Bursa, were restarted. It fell on Bursaray, which is the main backbone of public transportation in Bursa, at noon. [more…]