britain alarm at istanbul airport
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UK Alert at Istanbul Airport!

Due to the investigations made by the British Civil Aviation Authority at Istanbul Airport, an alarm was raised. According to the news in AirportHaber, the latest situation of Istanbul Airport will be examined by the British on Monday, February 18th. Aforementioned [more…]

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Train 3 Graffiti Artist Smashes The Teen In England

It was announced that 3 people died as a result of a train crash at Loughborough Junction station in the south of London, the capital of England. Matthew Allingham, in charge of the British Transport Police, said that 3 young people in their twenties were carrying a load in the south of the capital, London. [more…]

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Bible panic in the UK train

An interesting event took place in London, the capital of England. At the train station in the Wimbledon area, a man began reading the Bible aloud inside the train. The man who read aloud passages from the Bible caused panic. One [more…]

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UK private wagon proposal controversy

Chris Williamson, one of the senior politicians of the Labor Party in England, suggested that women's wagons on trains sparked controversy. Although Williamson said she made this recommendation against increasing harassment, women said that this step would normalize the harassment. [more…]

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Train Tickets in England

Train Tickets in England Become a Date: Passengers who prefer railway transportation in England will be able to make their ticket payments via fingerprint or eye scanning system. In the news reflected in the British press, reducing the crowd at the train stations [more…]

england rapid train
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UK High Speed ​​Train Tender Led

England opened a high-speed train tender: England opened a high-speed train tender with a size of 3,4 billion dollars England opened a train for the high-speed rail project that will connect London and the north of the country [more…]

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London strikes on strike strike

Strike in London subway stopped transportation: The strike of the staff working in the subway in London, the capital of England, causes great transportation problems. Problems with dismissals and ticket offices of employees working in the London Underground [more…]

Boyle was rescued near the train crash
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This Is How The Near-Miss Train Crashed

The incident that took place on the railway stunned those who saw it. The footage of the man who survived the train crash within a few seconds was captured moment by moment by the security camera. In the incident that took place in England, on the rails [more…]

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Eurostar employees strike

Strike by Eurostar employees: Employees of Eurostar trains going from England to Europe left their jobs to protest working conditions. Employees of Eurostar high-speed trains connecting London, the capital of England, to Europe, to protest working conditions [more…]

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Railroad workers strike in England

Strike from railway workers in England: The employees of the Southern railway company, which organizes train services between the southern cities of England and the capital London, went on a 5-day strike. Train between the southern cities of England and the capital London [more…]

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Terror alarm in England! Subway evacuated

Terrorism in England! The subway was evacuated: A subway station in London, the capital of England, was evacuated due to an abandoned vehicle nearby. British police agency Scotland Yard said in a statement, in Barnet, in the north-west of the city. [more…]