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Train services stopped in Berlin!

Train services were stopped after heavy smoke was seen at the Zoo Train Station in Berlin, Germany. Making a statement on Twitter, the German police said that heavy smoke was seen at the Zoo Train Station in Berlin and that [more…]

49 Germany


Disgusting incident on the tram: In Berlin, racists urinated on immigrant children. In Berlin, the capital of Germany, two extreme right-wingers verbally abused an immigrant mother and her two sons, and then [more…]

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Berlinin Tram Line 150 Age

Berlin's Tram Line is 150 Years Old: The tram pulled by horses in Berlin was offered to citizens 150 years ago. The Berlin tram system is the fourth largest in the world, 150 years after the horse-drawn tram system [more…]

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Bursa Machinery Industry

President Recep Altepe, MUSIAD Bursa Branch came together with the meeting of the machinery sector examining the production of silkworm, said they have come a very important way. Metropolitan Municipality, Durmazlar In partnership with Machine and Siemens [more…]

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Introducing technical professions to the little ones

In GERMANY, the “Technical Patronage Project” carried out in cooperation with the Small Researchers' House Foundation, German Railways (WB) and Hürriyet Newspaper continues in order to introduce and popularize technical professions among children. DB, the volunteer patron of the project [more…]