86 China

Turkey will unite with China Railways

Turkey and China Railways will unite: China, which wants to revive the Silk Road through 3 'corridors', will invest 8 trillion dollars in the Middle Corridor, which includes Turkey. It will pave the way for the Silk Road in the Parliament 2 [more…]

32 Belgium

The strike in Belgium hampers trains

The strike in Belgium disrupted train services: While domestic train services over Brussels were largely interrupted due to the strike, international flights were completely stopped. In Belgium, railway workers started in response to the budget cut plan. [more…]

32 Belgium

Railway workers on strike in Belgium

Railway workers on strike in Belgium: Railway workers in Belgium, reacting to the government's reform package that cuts the budget, went on a 48-hour strike. Railway workers reacting to the government's reform package in Belgium, which cuts the budget, [more…]

32 Belgium

Train stops in Belgium

Train services stopped in Belgium: With the general strike organized by railway workers in Belgium, the country's train connection with Europe was cut off. Protesting the salary cuts made by the government as part of austerity measures, railway workers started a 24-hour strike. [more…]

32 Belgium

Eskişehir and Belgian railway manufacturers met

Eskişehir and Belgian railroad manufacturers came together: Rail system manufacturers came together within the scope of the European Enterprises Network project, the new European Union project of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry. With Belgian rail systems manufacturers [more…]


Take the European tracks with InterRail

Get on the rails of Europe with InterRail! You have the opportunity to visit many countries of Europe by train with affordable prices. Ability to take all 2nd class trains in the countries covered by Interrail for a certain period of time [more…]