bursa streets frozen to the center
16 Bursa

Bursa Streets Returned To Site

In the curfews applied on weekends within the scope of combating corona virus, the Metropolitan Municipality, continuing its asphalt renewal works in the main arteries of Bursa, on the other hand, is expected [more…]

asphalt season opened in Ankara
06 Ankara

Asphalt Season Opened in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction and asphalt works without slowing down. With the opening of the asphalt season, asphalt paving, road expansion and line in many points of the Capital [more…]

korfez streets are renewing
41 Kocaeli

Gulf Streets Renewed

Attaching importance to the maintenance, repair and renovation works of the roads throughout Kocaeli, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to provide citizens with more comfortable transportation. Accordingly, some in the district of Körfez [more…]

izmit bay roads are modernizing
41 Kocaeli

Izmit Village Roads are Modernizing

Izmit Village Roads are Modernizing; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to transportation projects, carries out road maintenance, repair and renovation works in villages as well as city centers. [more…]

comfort comes to the streets of korfez

Comfort Comes to Gulf Streets

Comfort Comes to Körfez Streets; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality carries out maintenance work on all roads in the city. In this context, teams affiliated to the Department of Science Affairs, [more…]