Proof of Faulty Construction of YHT Line
06 Ankara

TCDD's Faulty Culvert Report Appears

Sakarya Arifiye, Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train departing from the machinist's attention prevented the disaster. Details of the incident began to be revealed. According to the report of TCDD, the culvert of the railway which was found to be discharged from the gold was faulty. [more…]

Island train response from women1
54 Sakarya

Women's Island Train Response

The group gathered at the Provincial Women's Branch of the Republican People's Party at the Station Square and called for the train to depart from the Station Square this week, as it does every week. The gathered group was also privatized with the Tank Pallet Factory. [more…]

arifiyenin new bridge is counting gun

Arifiye's New Bridge Counts Days

Mayor Toçoğlu examined the bridge works in Arifiye on site and said: köprü With the bridge that will serve our 5 neighborhood, crossings will become safer and the 13 kilometer road will be connected to the 3 clilometer. [more…]


2 Kilometers New Entry to Arifiye

Mayor Toçoğlu shared the glad tidings of the new double road in Arifiye: dık We started our works for the 2 kilometer double road parallel to the Tank Pallet Factory between Terminal Junction and Railway Overpass Bridge. the Arifiye [more…]


New line arrives in Arifiye

Speaking after the meeting in Arifiye, Deputy Secretary General Oktar said, dık We have decided to start a new line from the Railway Station, Arifiye District Center in order to meet the demands of our citizens. Our students have one way to campus [more…]

Commuter Trains

Journey to Ada Express started at new stops

Adapazarı Express is not the number of trips, but the number of stops has been increased for now. In the past years, the worker's suburban train, which is the student's means of transportation, was thrown into the background due to the High Speed ​​Train works and the citizen had to [more…]


Go now to Konya now 3.5 hours

Go to Konya now 3.5 hours: We went to Konya by High Speed ​​Train. Under the sponsorship of Derince Municipality and under the leadership of Kocaeli Journalists Association, we reached Konya with our 3,5 hour journey. 3-5 hourly journey to Konya [more…]

Commuter Trains

Why is Adapazari suburb train not active

Why the Adapazari suburban train is not active: Adapazarı train was put into operation in the new year, but how? In the past, the last stops were Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa, now Arifiye- Pendik… Formerly Hereke, Derince, Körfez, Dilovası, Köseköy [more…]

06 Ankara

The commando period in the YHT line

Commando period in the YHT line: High Speed ​​Train (YHT) between Ankara and Istanbul delayed the flight to prevent cable theft events, in order to prevent the Halkalı From Gendarmerie Commando Battalion to Sakarya [more…]

06 Ankara

Railroad Works at Full Speed

Railway Works in Arifiye Continues at Full Speed: Construction of railway bridges that will connect Arifiye center with neighborhoods and villages is continuing at full speed. Construction of 2 railway overpass bridges started [more…]

34 Istanbul

The Sakarya Delegation Visited The Marmarasi

Sakarya Delegation Visited Marmara: Governor Big: "YHT will serve our citizens at 3 stations in our province, at Pamukova, Arifiye and Sapanca stations"-Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission Chairman Üstün: "From now on, I hope a train departing from China will take Marmaray. [more…]