Million thousand lira of new support to the cinema sector

1 Million 782 Thousand Lira New Support to the Cinema Sector

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has announced its support for 2021 in the types of scenarios, short films, animated films and project development, which will serve as the basis for successful productions and contribute to young filmmakers stepping into the sector. Consisting of the cinema sector and the Ministry representative [more…]

million lira support to movie theaters

15,9 Million Lira Support to Movie Theaters

A support of 74 million lira will be provided to 159 movie theaters in 15,9 provinces by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Ministry will transfer 15,9 million lira of support to cinema theater operators, who had to close their doors due to the coronavirus epidemic, within the scope of "Domestic Film Screening Support". [more…]


World's Best TV Series Prison Break

Prison Break is one of the series that has been watched with excitement since the first day of its release. It was published in 2005. The last episode was published in 2017. It lasted 5 seasons in total. It is a TV series published in English. The young man named Lincoln in the series for a crime he didn't commit [more…]

Series viewing habits changed during the pandemic process

Watching Habits Changed During Pandemic Period

Üsküdar University Department of Sociology has carried out a comprehensive research on watching TV series and daily life practices of university students during the pandemic process. The research in Turkey's 73 state and private universities studying in 146 different aged 18-26 years [more…]

Awarded Turkish films meet with the audience in digital environment

Online Short Film Week Begins

Movie lovers, who follow the Turkish cinema industry with interest, come together on the same platform with the “Online Short Film Week”. Yunus Emre Enstitüsü continues its activities, which it has transferred to the digital environment with the epidemic process, in the new year. This year of the institute [more…]

When will the movie theaters open?

When Will Movie Theaters Be Opened? That Date

The Ministry of Interior sent an additional circular regarding the Cinema Halls to 81 Provincial Governorships. This period was extended to 31 March for movie theaters, whose activities were suspended until 1 December with the circular. In the circular sent to the governorships, the period of controlled social life [more…]

roberto benigni

Roberto Benigni Movie

Roberto Benigni, who stands out with the movie Life is Beautiful and is known for his successful work in the world of cinema, will enchant cinema lovers again with a new movie. Pinocia, describing what Carlo Collodi did to a wooden puppet boy to be human [more…]

johnny deep

Johhny Depp Latest Movie

Adapting novels to the screen is quite a challenge. Presenting the spaces that people designed in their dreams to them again is a matter of thought. Directors have a great role to play in terms of expressing internal situations. Finally, in this regard, [more…]

Bill murray movies

Bill Murray Movie

Although Bill Murray has produced different films with many different directors, Today Was Actually, which was shot in 1993 and known as A Groundhog Day, was not as remarkable as the production. The Ghostbusters [more…]