Tips for dental health during pregnancy

Tips for Dental Health During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, dental health should not be ignored because teeth affect not only the mother but also the child. While most routine treatments are completely safe during pregnancy, dental treatments and medications should be avoided in the first trimester. So tooth [more…]

can congenital hearing loss be treated

Can Congenital Hearing Loss Be Treated?

Konya Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine, ENT Diseases and Head and Neck Surgery Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Bahar Çolpan states that the hearing impairment can be completely eliminated with hearing implants in children with congenital hearing loss and that children with their peers. [more…]

Suggestion for a healthy iftar plate

8 Suggestions for a Healthy Iftar Plate

In the shadow of the pandemic, there are more days left for the month of Ramadan. In the uncertainty of the pandemic, which radically changes our daily life habits and affects our eating habits to a great extent, it is necessary to pay attention to some rules at iftar tables in Ramadan. Acıbadem Dr. [more…]

mountain climbers

Four Exercises That Help You Burn Fat

MACFit Merter Trainer Mustafa Güler shared four effective exercises that help burn fat to have a fit body. Güler also said that easy and effective exercises that work the whole body can gain muscle while burning fat. Güler, “Exercise [more…]

allergy symptoms can be confused with covid

Allergy Symptoms May Mix with Covid-19

With the arrival of spring, allergies started to increase. Stating that allergy and COVID-19 symptoms can be similar to each other, Anadolu Medical Center Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Esra Sönmez, “Runny nose, stuffiness, tingling in the throat, itching and cough in allergic patients [more…]

attention to the eyes in diabetic patients

How Does Diabetes Affect Eye Health?

Stating that diabetes, which is popularly known as diabetes, affects the whole body, Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Şeyda Atabay said that diabetes also causes significant damage to the eyes. Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Seyda Atabay, [more…]

Don't let your psychology deteriorate while waiting for the spring

Attention! May Cause Excessive Spending

Sudden changes in air temperature that occur with the arrival of spring can adversely affect human psychology. As the stress that occurs in the spring months can lead to depression, the opposite of this situation can cause euphoric feelings to be experienced excessively. Bipolar [more…]

caution when diabetic patients fast

Can Diabetes Patients Fasting?

Diabetes is a disease that is quite common in our society and can progress with serious complications. Diabetic patients have requests and questions about fasting in Ramadan, which is one of our religious obligations. This subject is actually a very complex subject. Every patient is special [more…]


Fliqa Online Business Equipment Sales

Fliqa site is one of the most comprehensive business equipment company in our country. You can find the most preferred products of the most important brands preferred by the world on the Fliqa site. In order to make your working environments healthier and safer, you need [more…]

Santa Farma has appointed new director
06 Ankara

Santa Farma Appointed 2 New Directors

Turkey's most established and strong domestic pharmaceutical companies located between Santa Farma, was with two new director appointments as of the date of April 1, 2021. Gürbüz Ercenk was appointed as the Sales Director of Santa Farma and the Medical Director. [more…]