electronic clamp application has been activated in the province

Electronic Clamp Application Activated in 81 Provinces

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the "Electronic Clamp Application", which has been carried out as a pilot in 2019 provinces since 15 in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice, has been activated in 81 provinces. "Electronic Clamp Application" across the country [more…]

Operation against cyber fraudsters in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Operation Against Cyber ​​Fraudsters in Istanbul

Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command Cybercrime teams, as a result of the intelligence studies conducted within the scope of the crimes of "Misuse of Bank and Credit Cards" and "Qualified Theft Through the Use of Information Systems", by capturing the information of some citizens on the internet, [more…]

Is your right to inheritance damaged

Is Your Right to Inheritance Damaged?

In our age, where all humanity is in pursuit of a long life, we all witness serious disagreements about the assets left behind after life, and the basis of these disagreements is getting a share from the legacy. 2020 million 1 thousand 545 over E-Government in 224 alone [more…]

What should be done by those who were dismissed during the epidemic period

What Should the Layoffs Do During the Epidemic?

The epidemic, which negatively affects every sector in every sense, also brought up quite a lot of layoffs. Employers who changed the pattern of dismissal have found a way out of this situation by terminating their employment contracts with resignation. Well in your working life [more…]

Residence expires in marriage applications

Residence Requirement Removed in Marriage Applications

The following statements were made in the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior: “With the regulation, the obligation to apply to the marriage officer in the province and district where one of the couple resides in the marriage procedure was removed. While the bureaucracy is reduced in the municipalities and the service delivery processes are facilitated, the burden of the citizen [more…]

Social media ads can create tax bugs

Tax Evasion Crime Warning for Social Media Ads

Hunting. Emre Avşar Warned Social Media Phenomena and Companies; "You can commit the crime of tax evasion, you can get fines for violating the advertising competition law!" Prof Law Firm Lawyer Att. Emre Avşar, shared advertising with his followers on social media channels. [more…]