Ancient stone quarry found in Izmir Tirazli bay
35 Izmir

Ancient Stone Quarry Found in İzmir Tırazlı Village

A stone quarry, thought to have been used in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, was found in the village of Tırazlı in the district of Karabağlar in İzmir. From Tırazlı Kesikkaya Antique Stone Quarry, which was revealed during the four-year surveys supported by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, to the Ancient City of Smyrna [more…]

scholarship's tourism portal is online
16 Bursa

Bursa's Tourism Portal is Online

Developed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of promoting the culture, art and tourism elements of the city, website has been updated with its new interface, new contents and more accessible functions. Website published in Turkish, English and Korean languages [more…]

Tourism mobility in Erzurum
25 Erzurum

KUDAKA Support for Tourism Mobility in Erzurum

The "Mountain Safari, Rope Park, Artificial Grass Ski / Erzurum Support to the Tourism Infrastructure Project" and the "Erzurum Tourism Infrastructure Support Urban Aesthetics Project", which is supported within the scope of the "Development of Sectoral Competitiveness Infrastructure Program" and will be carried out by the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

the trend of summer will be seaplane
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Discover the Seas by Flying Lujo Hotel Bodrum's New Seaplane

Lujo Hotel Bodrum is getting ready to offer pleasant experiences to its guests with the seaplane added to its services in the new season. Cultural tour routes, which will attract the attention of local and foreign guests, will also be organized, and the seaplane will be used for transportation in Bodrum and its surroundings. [more…]

Yalincak beach in trabzon will be brought up to the sea season
61 Trabzon

Yalıncak Beach in Trabzon will be grown for the sea season

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu started the new week by examining the ongoing beach project in Yalıncak Neighborhood. Stating that the work on the project, which is highly anticipated by the citizens, continues rapidly, Mayor Zorluoğlu said that the beach will be offered to the service of the citizens during the sea season. [more…]

tourism values ​​of the scholarship at the international tourism fair in moscow
16 Bursa

Tourism Values ​​of Bursa at Moscow International Tourism Fair

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Foreign Relations Department, which participated in the Moscow International Tourism Fair (MITT), one of the largest and most important tourism fairs of the world, introduced the tourism values ​​of Bursa, especially thermal resources, to tourism professionals in the Russian market. Prestigious of the world [more…]

İzmir was at itb berlin fair
35 Izmir

Izmir was at ITB Berlin Fair

Izmir participated in the ITB Berlin Fair, one of the world's leading tourism events. Different institutions of İzmir came together under the roof of Visit İzmir and introduced the city at the fair held digitally this year due to pandemic measures. Due to İzmir pandemic measures [more…]

Bicycle friendly accommodation facilities await their guests

Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facilities Await Their Guests

"Bicycle Friendly accommodations" certification, alternatives to boost tourism industry in Turkey and in the outdoor sports tourism in order to provide the potential to reach, was established under the 2023 Tourism Strategy. Fulfilling the necessary criteria and entitled to receive the "Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facility" certificate [more…]

tuys to guide solo travelers

Tips to Guide Solo Travelers

Today is 1 March Alone Vacation Planning Day. Of course it can be enjoyable to go on a journey with family, friends, lovers, maybe even a few people you have just met. But it may not be as liberating and peaceful as a planned trip alone. Turkey's leader [more…]

The most romantic place kapadokya turkiyede
50 Nevsehir

Most Romantic Places in Cappadocia, Turkey

The biggest wish of all of us for 2021 is to travel a lot. We look forward to the days of travel that we can take with peace of mind. Some of us have already started making summer plans. Those who have not yet made their plans dream of traveling. Turkey's [more…]