Cesnigir Canyon Offers Its Visitors A Unique View
71 Kirikkale

Çeşnigir Canyon Offers Its Visitors a Unique View

The Çeşnigir Bridge, which has shed light on history for centuries, and the unique view of the canyon in the Köprü village of the Keskin district of Kırıkkale attract visitors. Historical Çeşginir Bridge, Çeşnigir Canyon where Kızılırmak passes through, glass overlooks the canyon [more…]

'Soganli Valley will be Kayseri's favorite baby'
38 Kayseri

'Soğanlı Valley' will be the apple of Kayseri's eye

With the cooperation of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Kayseri Governorship, work continues at full speed in the Soğanlı Valley, which will make a great contribution to the city's tourism and will be the apple of the city's eye. Governor Gökmen Çiçek, Secretary General of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

New Term in IEKKK Started With Flamingo Road Trip
35 Izmir

New Era at IEKKK Started with Flamingo Road Trip

The new term of the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board has begun. Prior to the meeting at the İzmir Agricultural Development Center, the members of the board said that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who invited all İzmir residents to see this unique nature. [more…]

istanbul aktau flight

Travel to Aktau: Planning Tips

Aktau is a young city in the southwest of Kazakhstan, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. People usually come here for business because oil and gas production is developing rapidly in this region. Recently, the city has been on the shores of the Caspian Sea. [more…]

Yoroz Urban Forest Becomes the Favorite of Tourism
52 Army

Yoroz Urban Forest Becomes the Favorite of Tourism

Yoroz City Forest, located in Altınordu district of Ordu, has been renewed by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in harmony with nature, adding charm to its charm. Yoroz, where feverish work was carried out in the installation of the viewing terrace, which is the last stage of the works. [more…]

Virtual Visit to Gobeklitepe Archaeological Site
63 Sanliurfa

Virtual Visit to Göbeklitepe Archaeological Site

Göbeklitepe Archaeological Site is located 18 kilometers northeast of Şanlıurfa city center, near Örencik Village. The site was discovered in 1963 during a survey carried out in partnership with the Universities of Istanbul and Chicago and was named “V52 Neolithic Settlement”. [more…]

Patara Ancient City
07 Antalya

Patara Ancient City

Patara Ancient City is located between Fethiye and Kalkan, at the southwest end of the Xanthos Valley, in today's Ovageleş Village, and is one of the most important and oldest cities of Lycia. Famous philosopher Montesquieu in his book The Spirit of Laws [more…]

Arslantepe Open Air Museum
44 Malatya

Arslantepe Open Air Museum

Arslantepe Mound, which entered the UNESCO World Permanent Cultural Heritage List in 2021, is located 6 kilometers away from Malatya city center. B.C. The mound, which was inhabited from the 5th millennium to the 11th century AD, [more…]

Balloon Tourism Starts in Ordu Aybasti Plateau
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Balloon Tourism Starts in Ordu Aybastı Plateau

Balloon tourism, which was practiced in several cities, especially in Cappadocia, where test flights were made in Ordu before, Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, the natural wonders are also located in Aybastı Plateau, which is famous for its meanders. [more…]

Izmir City Tours Start in September
35 Izmir

Izmir City Tours Start on September 5th

The free city tours organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to introduce the natural and historical values ​​of the city to the people of Izmir, the fall semester starts on September 5th. Registration will open tomorrow (September 1). Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tourism [more…]

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Kalkan Places to Stay

Kalkan is one of the holiday resorts that is a favorite holiday destination for many local and foreign tourists every summer. It is connected to the Kas district of Antalya, one of the favorite cities of the Mediterranean region. Both historical buildings and [more…]

Cyprus Veterans Visit the Lands They Fight For

Cyprus Veterans Visit the Lands They Fight For

With the organization organized by the General Directorate of Martyrs' Relatives and Veterans of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, 7 Cypriot veterans from 7 regions of Turkey who participated in the Cyprus Peace Operation are visiting the lands they fought for. Martyr [more…]