Perfect Design from the Lego Car Series

Flawless Design from the Lego Car Series

The LEGO® Group has made its mark in automotive history, featuring two iconic models of the 1970s and 80s; two in one, the LEGO® Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Targa set are getting ready to meet their fans. LEGO fans and classic car enthusiasts will love [more…]

Good news to companies exporting games

Good News to Game Issuing Companies

The Communiqué on the Amendment of the Value Added Tax (VAT) General Implementation Communiqué prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. With the amendment made, in the service export exemption VAT refunds, the amount [more…]

mentalup has been played a million times during the half year break

MentalUP Played 5,5 Million Times in the Half Year Holiday

The gamified education platform MentalUP, in which Türk Telekom is a partner, became the primary choice of children during the half-year break. MentalUp's mental-enhancing and reliable games were played 5,5 million times during the three-week vacation. A pioneer in the digital transformation of Turkey Turkey [more…]

MeO turkey champions became clear red bull

MEO Turkey Red Bull Champions Announced

The world's most competitive mobile games arena champions Red Bull MEO TFT game Hearthstone and Turkey were announced. Turkey's Red Bull, which is open to participation from all over the online finals after MeO 'Cabixo' at Hearthstone, 'Overrated' 'and' 'Fujitor to' [more…]

geforce now celebrates its first year

GeForce NOW Celebrates Its First Year

This Thursday NVIDIA celebrates its first anniversary of the release of GeForce NOW from beta and bringing the growing PC gaming world to gamers' underpowered or incompatible devices. Anniversary celebrations are also the same as the next update of GFN Thursdays [more…]

playstation's current prices have been announced

PlayStation 5 current prices have been announced

The current price of the PlayStation 50, whose additional customs tax rate fell from 20 percent to 5 percent, has been announced. The digital version of the console will be sold for 5 thousand 999 TL, and the version with Blu-ray reader will be sold for 7 thousand 499 TL. With the Kovid-19 pandemic, [more…]

red bullun home ground tournament begins

Red Bull's Home Ground Tournament Begins

Valorant is looking for the first champion of Red Bull's Home Ground, the newest and most unique tournament in the world. The best Valorant teams in the world meet at Red Bull's Home Ground tournament. G2, Team Liquid, SUMN FC, Ninjas in Pajamas [more…]

hearthstone darkmoon races begin

Hearthstone Darkmoon Races Begins

Fasten your seatbelt and remember to keep your arm (or tentacles) inside your vehicle. Darkmoon Races, the fastest and most dangerous competition of Azeroth, has begun! DARKMOON RACES MINI SET (January 21) Year of Anka, Ashes of Outland, Scholomance Academy and [more…]

brain-burning person chess game

Brain-Burning 3 Player Chess Game!

Regular chess players can get bored when they don't face a stronger opponent. Here is the brain-burning 3-player chess game that will challenge those who play, and they will not need a stronger opponent. If you like intelligence games, after a while you will have solved the rules of the game. [more…]

first activity in paramanya

The First Event of 2021 Begins in Paramania

Turkey Paramany of the most popular strategy games, say hello to the new year with good efficiency from each other. With the new update, Paramanya adds events and rewards to the game, allowing players to gain powerful characters. Again, 2 strong S + characters are also added to the game. Your players [more…]