Marijuana Seized in Barley Field Detention
63 Sanliurfa

Cannabis Seized in Barley Field: 2 Detentions

In the operation organized by the gendarmerie in the Eyyübiye district of Şanlıurfa, 800 roots of cannabis planted in a barley field were seized. 2 people were detained in connection with the incident. Provincial Gendarmerie Command Intelligence Branch Directorate teams arrived in Eyyübiye district. [more…]

Diyarbakir Conquest March Song Contest Concluded
21 Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Contest Concluded

The "Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Contest" held in Turkish and Kurdish on the occasion of the 1383rd anniversary of the Conquest of Diyarbakir has concluded. The Turkish Metropolitan Municipality organized within the scope of the 1383th anniversary celebration of the conquest of Diyarbakır by the Islamic Armies. [more…]

GAZIRAY Stations Are Outdated Before Entering Service
27 Gaziantep

GAZİRAY Stations Are Outdated Before Entering Service

Speaking at the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting held last week, the representative of the 6th Regional Directorate of State Railways said that the GAZİRAY Project, which is expected to be operational for years, paid 7 days for the maintenance of the aging stops due to the prolongation of the underground work. [more…]

La Havle Rosary Exhibition Opened in Diyarbakir
21 Diyarbakir

La Havle Rosary Exhibition Opened in Diyarbakır

Governor Münir Karaloğlu: “This and similar activities will continue in order to bring to light our existing values ​​related to the art of rosary, which is one of the important values ​​we have carried from past to present in Diyarbakır” Diyarbakır Governor Münir [more…]

Gaziantep Selected as Gastronomy City of the Year
27 Gaziantep

Gaziantep Was Selected as Gastronomy City of the Year

Gaziantep was chosen as the “Gastronomy City of the Year” at the Stars Awards Night organized by Rotahane, which carries out studies to develop tourism in the country. The award ceremony, which took place in a private hotel in Istanbul, is Turkey's best with the project 'We Visit Every City with Celebrities'. [more…]

To Whom Bread Discount Coupon Is Given
27 Gaziantep

Who is the Bread Discount Coupon Given to?

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality responded to the criticisms regarding the bread discount coupon applications. In the statement, “The Bread Discount Coupon application that we started as Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in Ramadan and plan to continue throughout the year. [more…]

Thousand Thousand Continues to Grow with Gaziantep
27 Gaziantep

Thousand Thousand Continues to Grow with Gaziantep

BinBin, which offers an environmentally friendly, economical and fun transportation alternative for short-distance journeys, started its service in Gaziantep as well. BinBin, which abolished the opening fee for the first week, increased the number of cities it serves throughout Turkey to 13. [more…]

Saraykapi Opened to Pedestrian Traffic
21 Diyarbakir

Saraykapı Opened to Pedestrian Traffic

Saraykapı, which was closed to traffic by Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality due to restoration works, has been reopened for pedestrians. Restoration of Diyarbakır Castle, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, by the Metropolitan Municipality with the motto "Resurrection in the Walls" [more…]