budo ticket prices and routes
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BUDO Ticket Prices Schedule and Route

Bursa Sea Buses Operation (BUDO) was established by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to provide sea transportation between Bursa and Istanbul. Sea Bus Services started on January 23, 2013. İDO to passengers on Istanbul-Bursa flights [more…]

Bursa Yenisehir Airport has become an innovation airport
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Bursa Yenişehir Airport becomes Innovation Airport

This is what I see… The proximity of Yenişehir Airport to Istanbul as a distance sometimes creates a disadvantage in terms of passenger preference. Especially… Passengers who arrive at Sabiha Gökçen Airport in a short time after Osmangazi Bridge can fly in almost all hours of the day. Moreover, flight tickets are more than Yenişehir. [more…]

project preparations for calling in bursa started
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Project Preparations Started for Bursa Associate

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has started project preparations for infrastructure and stream improvement, as well as works involving crossroads and bridges, in the Çağrışan District of Mudanya. In all districts, meeting with the headmen of the neighborhood and having problems first [more…]

bursa railway and yenisehir airport
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Bursa, Railway and Yenişehir Airport

With simple solutions, we can awaken sleeping giants with some small investments and mobilize idle investments. With small investments, we can increase the development levels of our economically backward regions. There is such an opportunity in our city.70-80 aircraft can land [more…]

machinery industry's target is mexico
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Machinery Industry Target Mexico

In the Sectoral Trade Procurement Committees organized by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry to increase the export of firms, the new stop was Mexico, the 15th largest economy in the world. BTSO in the organization organized for the machinery sector [more…]

Uludag Cable Car Will Start Again
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Uludağ Cable Car Expeditions Will Start Again

Bursa Teleferik AŞ announced that the flights will start again at 14.30 as the wind returns to normal. The cable car, which provides alternative transportation between Bursa city center and Uludag, cannot be built from the morning, due to the decrease of the effect of the wind. [more…]

Weather for Bursa
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Bursa 15 Days Weather

Bursa, its location in one of the most important cities of the border with Turkey as well as history. As a matter of fact, being one of the metropolitan areas makes it stand out compared to the inner cities. After all, Bursa has [more…]