e scooter will now be used in ptt distribution services
34 Istanbul

PTT Distribution Officers Will Make Deliveries With E-Skuter

Minister Karaismailoğlu, who participated in the "Launch of the Use of Electric Scooter in Distribution Services" of PTT AŞ, stated that the pilot study will start in Istanbul as of today. Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that PTT AS's “Electricity in Distribution Services” [more…]

oyak renault
16 Bursa

Oyak Renault Awarded Its Suppliers

The "2020 Supplier Achievement Awards" held by Oyak Renault to reward its most successful suppliers have found their owners. Best Purchasing Performance Award; Best Sustainable Development Award, Best Service Award and [more…]

musiad bursa branch visited guhemi
16 Bursa

MUSIAD Bursa Branch Visited GUHEM

MUSIAD Bursa Branch President Nihat Alpay stated that Gökmen Aerospace Training Center (GUHEM) is a unique project and said, “GUHEM will be a touchstone in Turkey's studies in the field of space and aviation.” said. Private [more…]

european triathlon cup was introduced
10 Balikesir

European Triathlon Cup Introduced

The European Triathlon Cup, which will be held on 30 July-1 August 2021 in Balıkesir with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality, was introduced at the Fatih Hall of the Courtyard Congress Center. 268 of them to the European Triathlon Cup to be held in the Youth and Elites categories [more…]

Halic will host the rowing races
34 Istanbul

Golden Horn Will Host Rowing Races

İBB will organize rowing races in the Golden Horn, where it brings blue and green together with its works throughout the year. The event, which will include teams and clubs, will take place on 26 June. The organization where the registrations will remain open until June 23; women [more…]

Free internet is coming to metros in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Free Internet Coming to Metros in Istanbul

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu gave the good news to the people of Istanbul that the internet can be used in the subways. The decision, which was passed by the IMM Assembly Commission on June 16, will begin to be implemented as soon as possible. In the subways, which started in 2005 with security concerns worldwide [more…]

intercity cup races begin
34 Istanbul

Intercity Cup Races Begin

Intercity 2021 Intercity Cup, which brings the passion of racing to everyone, from those who have no experience in motorsports to professional racers, will start with its 2nd leg on June 20. A total of 59 races will be organized by Istanbul Park Sports Club. [more…]