where is the bridge of justinian
54 Sakarya

Where is Justinianus Bridge? Justinianus Bridge History

Justinian Sangarius Bridge or Bridge (popularly: Beşköprü), in Turkey, dating from the late Roman period, is a stone bridge over the River Sakarya. The building was built by the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinianus (527--565) to facilitate the transportation between the capital city Constantinople and the empire's eastern provinces. [more…]

Account code is defined on the cards
54 Sakarya

HES Codes are Defined to Kart54's

Kart54, which is the only payment option in public transportation and allows contactless payment, is integrated with the HES code. The transportation teams landing on the field help citizens' Kart54 to define the HEPP code in Donatım, Ofis, Yenicami, İhsaniye and North Terminal. Made [more…]

New bus line started service in Sakarya Yenikent region
54 Sakarya

New Bus Line Started in Sakarya Yenikent Region

24I municipal bus line, which will serve between Karaman, Camili and Korucuk neighborhoods in Yenikent, started service. Starting from Karaman İkizce Bridge and passing through important points between Korucuk SEAH Campus, the time and route information of the line will be available from SAKUS. Sakarya Metropolitan [more…]

Scrap wagons belonging to tcddye burned in Pamukova
54 Sakarya

Scrap wagons belonging to TCDD burned in Pamukova

TCDD's Scrap Wagons Burned in Pamukova. Pamukova in Sakarya Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), inert state of passenger cars burned. The fire was extinguished by firefighters. The station in Pamukova Yenice District is in the park to be scrapped belonging to TCDD. [more…]

Service has started for the weather.
54 Sakarya

Shuttle Service Started for HAVASAKs

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality started to provide shuttle services for HAVASAKs that provide transportation to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Mayor Yüce stated that the journeys can be carried out more comfortably with the city service facility and wished them to be beneficial. Metropolitan Municipality Sabiha Gökçen [more…]

Yuce SGK examined the bridge intersection
54 Sakarya

Yüce, Investigated the SSI Bridge Intersection Project

Mayor Ekrem Yüce, who made examinations in the SGK Bridge Intersection project, said, “We have completed the turning arms and raising curtains of our side roads. The first of our bridge legs has ended, and we are about to start the other. Thank God our project is progressing rapidly. By completing the intersection as soon as possible [more…]

Adapazari Express calls for restarting its activities
41 Kocaeli

TMMOB: Let Adapazarı Express Start Its Activities Again!

TMMOB Kocaeli Provincial Coordination Board (HRK) Secretary Murat Kürekci asked Adapazarı Express to restart its activities with his statement. Thousands of people using the Adapazarı Train between Adapazarı-Kocaeli-Istanbul still cannot benefit from this opportunity. About 8 years ago Adapazarı between Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa [more…]

critical infrastructures national test bed center good
54 Sakarya

Good Luck for Critical Infrastructures National Test Bed Center

President Ekrem Yüce, who attended the opening ceremony of the 'Critical Infrastructures National Test Bed Center' developed in cooperation with Sakarya University and STM, said, “He contributed to the establishment of this center that will develop national solutions for our country's cyber security infrastructure, defense needs, innovative technologies. [more…]

from toyota automotive railway logistics atagi
54 Sakarya

Railway Logistics Attack from Toyota Automotive

Turkey's production and exports among the leaders of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, the railway's economic supply chain and logistics, brings innovative and environmentally friendly solution. Exported 90% of the vehicles it produces to 150 different countries of the world. [more…]

Taseron workers working in the turasas wagon factory want a staff
54 Sakarya

Subcontracted Workers Working at TÜRASAŞ Wagon Factory Want a Staff

In the TÜRASAŞ factory, subcontractor workers, who were employed with a low salary, despite doing the same job as permanent workers in wagon manufacturing, applied to the Provincial Directorate of Sakarya Labor and Employment Agency to determine that they were employed as a collusion. The lawyer of the subcontracted workers working in the wagon factory Av. [more…]

Recreation project started on the Sakarya river coast
54 Sakarya

Recreation Project Started On The Sakarya River

Mayor Ekrem Yüce, who examined the recreation project on the river bank in Sakarya Park, said, “We offer a new alternative to the social lives of our citizens on the banks of the Sakarya River. Our project, which will offer seating areas, lightings and walking opportunities, is a natural [more…]

national frigate tcg istanbul meets the sea
54 Sakarya

BMC's New 8 × 8 Armored Combat Vehicle Appears

The new 8 × 8 armored combat vehicle (ZMA), which is being developed by BMC, also came to the fore for the first time at the Delivery Ceremony of the New Generation Three Storm Howitzer, attended by Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar. 400-horsepower Shooter, 600 [more…]