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Kamil Koç Phone Numbers

Kamil Koc Telephone Numbers: Kamil Koc Buses serving since 1926 and is Turkey's oldest road passenger transport company. It is the bus business that keeps customer satisfaction at high levels by meeting customer expectations. Smiling, [more…]

74 Bartin

Cable car to be built

InKumu'a ropeway will be made: Bartin Governor Seyfettin Azizoglu, the holiday village of İnkumu did not find the appropriate construction, they plan to relieve the transportation with the cable car announced. Governor Azizoğlu said in a statement about the subject: esi Tunnel project is a solution that will ease transportation to Inkumu. But the truth [more…]

74 Bartin

İnkum Ropeway Project

The İnkum Cable Car Project Comes To Life: In İnkumu, one of the most beautiful beaches of Bartın, the cable car and viewing terrace project, which is aimed to increase the tourism season to 12 months, is being implemented. Provincial General Assembly President Kenan Dursun said, “Special [more…]

74 Bartin

First step in the ropeway project

It was stated that the first step was taken in the cable car project, which is planned to be built in the town of Bartin, Inkum. The first step was taken in the ropeway project According to the Bartin Provincial Special Administration, Kastamonu, Erzincan, Erzurum, Kayseri with the experience of the cable car projects with Huseyin Kucukbakar [more…]

74 Bartin

Cable Car Coming to Inkumu Beach

It has been reported that a feasibility study has been carried out on the cable car project planned to be built on the İnkumu beach. Special Provincial Administration General Secretary İbrahim Kayış said in a written statement that the project included in the administration's 2013 performance and work program [more…]