Why do not fast train projects end?
06 Ankara

Why High Speed ​​Train Projects Are Not Finished?

CHP Party Assembly Member and Kocaeli Deputy Tahsin Tarhan gave a parliamentary question to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu about the high-speed train line projects that have to be completed for a long time.Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has been building for many years [more…]

aksehir osb railway is getting freight forwarding
42 Konya

Akşehir OSB attains Railway Freight Transport

The work carried out in order to ensure that the products produced in the Akşehir Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) can reach their buyers quickly and economically have come to an end. Products produced in Akşehir OIZ are transported by a loading point to be built in the old station building in Gözpınarı Neighborhood. [more…]

Bicycle culture will become widespread in Konya
42 Konya

Cycling Culture to Spread in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality President Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Turkey's longest with 550 kilometers of bicycle paths where cycling culture and awareness in Konya, said they continue to work to increase efforts to improve. The bicycle does not consume fuel, does not cause traffic congestion, [more…]

Nasreddin Hodja's house restoration is completed
42 Konya

Nasreddin Hodja House Restoration Completed

Within the scope of the project prepared by Akşehir Municipality, the restoration of Nasreddin Hodja House within the Nasreddin Hodja World Humor Village Project carried out by Konya Plain Project Regional Development Administration (KOP) and Akşehir Municipality has been completed. Restoration completed "Nasreddin [more…]

tumosan engine and tractor industry asde partial division
42 Konya

Partial Division at Tümosan Motor ve Traktör Sanayi A.Ş.

In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the following were recorded; The board of directors of Tümosan Motor Ve Traktör Sanayi Anonim Şirketi convened at the headquarters of the company today and took the following decisions. Our company has a more efficient and productive structure and resources [more…]

subway and subway station to konyali
42 Konya

Good News of Metro and Commuter to the People of Konya!

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, who was a guest at the Capital Backstage Program presented by Mehmet Acet on Kanal 7 Television, mentioned important projects in the live broadcast and gave the people of Konya the good news of the metro and suburban areas. In the program, one of the duties of the municipality [more…]

electric scooter period in konya
42 Konya

Electric Scooter Era in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality announced that electric scooters, an environmentally friendly and entertaining means of transportation, have also been put into service in the bicycle city of Konya. Which is located in Konya in Turkey in cycling, in all sustainable means of transportation as well as promoting the use of bicycles [more…]

derbent aladag road is completed
42 Konya

Derbent Aladağ Road Completed

While Konya Metropolitan Municipality has been working hard to improve the quality of the district and neighborhood roads, Derbent completed the 7-kilometer road to the Aladağ ski area. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, with the New Metropolitan Law, [more…]

about konya alaeddin hill and alaeddin mosque
42 Konya

About Konya Alaeddin Hill and Alaeddin Mosque

Alaeddin Hill, located in Turkey's Konya Karatay district in the center of the province depends on the hill. The hill, which is 450 x 350 meters tall and 20 meters high, was one of the protohistoric settlements called mounds. Turkish Historical Society in 1941 [more…]

Traffic is relieved with crossroad arrangements in Konya
42 Konya

Traffic Relieves With Crossroads Arrangements in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues its arrangement works at intersections with heavy traffic. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that they did some works in order not to affect life negatively and that they carried out some works during the hours when there was a curfew with special permission. [more…]

celaleddin karatay street will breathe konya traffic
42 Konya

Celaleddin Karatay Street Will Breathe Konya Traffic

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay and Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca examined Celaleddin Karatay Street, which is being built by the Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that the works continue despite the pandemic, Mayor Altay said, “When Celaleddin Karatay Street is completed [more…]

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