Lakes Express Ticket Prices
32 Isparta

Lakes Express Ticket Prices

Lakes Express Ticket Prices: Isparta- Izmir (Basmane) line, which will be operated on a daily basis, the Lakes Express consists of 262 passenger capacity 4 wagons. Isparta Izmir Express flights started in October 25 2019 Lakes Express, Mediterranean and Aegean [more…]

Izmir Denizli Train Map
20 Denizli

Izmir Denizli Train Ticket Prices

Izmir Denizli Train Ticket Prices: Izmir Basmane Denizli Regional Train is the regional train operated by TCDD Transportation on the TCDD railway line between Basmane Railway Station and Denizli Railway Station by TCDD Transportation. 6 between Izmir and Denizli every day [more…]

example application for renewing traffic lines in izmir
35 Izmir

Traffic Lines Renewal in İzmir

Traffic Lines in İzmir; İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has started an application that makes the old ones visible by cleaning the old ones instead of redrawing the traffic signs such as lanes on the roads, warning signs on the bicycle paths. Thus saving about 50 percent [more…]

izmir metro map
35 Izmir

Map of Izmir Metro

Izmir Metro Map - Izmir Metro Timetables Ticket Prices and Map: Izmir Metro has been providing underground and above ground and underground transportation in the city for many years. With an extensive rail network [more…]

manisa card visa
45 Manisa

Manisa Card Visa

Those who do not have Manisa Card Visa Attention; MANULAS INC. For the citizens who cannot perform Manisa card, visa and new card transactions on weekdays, 02.11.2019 will issue a card at Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Additional Service Building until Saturday. [more…]