eren agri mountain operation started
04 Pain

Eren 3 Mount Ararat Operation Started

In order to completely remove BTÖ from the agenda of the country and neutralize the terrorists who are considered to be in the region, Eren 3 Mount Ararat Operation was launched. In the mentioned operation; From Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations, Police Special Operations and Security Ranger teams [more…]

tcdd struggles with snow on railways
36 Kars

Fighting Snow on Railways Continues 7/24

TCDD's snow and ice combat teams are working hard to ensure that rail transport is not interrupted and trains arrive at stations without any problems due to the freezing cold and snowy weather in the Eastern Anatolia Region. TCDD, the rule of heavy winter conditions [more…]

Stage works of the Motherland Boulevard continue
44 Malatya

2nd Stage Works of Anayurt Boulevard Continue

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on a new alternative road to eliminate the density of transportation and traffic in Malatya. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan examined Anayurt Boulevard 2nd Part works on site. The work continues at full speed [more…]

caldiran municipality trains future national skiers
65 Van

Çaldıran Municipality Raises Future National Skiers

Little skiers are trained in the thermal ski center of Çaldıran Municipality in order to train future national athletes. Ski training is provided by ski trainers in the thermal ski center, which is owned by the municipality and consists of natural snow in the Çaldıran district at an altitude of 2050. [more…]

elazig intercity bus terminal construction work started
23 Elazig

Elazig Intercity Bus Terminal Construction Starts

Construction works for the New Intercity Bus Terminal, which is among the vision projects of Elazig Municipality Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları and which the city has needed for years, has started. In its current state, intercity, which does not suit the city vision and does not meet the needs [more…]

komurhan bridge will save million lira a year
23 Elazig

Kömürhan Bridge Will Save 14 Million Lira A Year

Kömürhan Bridge and Kömürhan Tunnels on D-300 State Road, which connects Elazig and Malatya provinces, were put into service on Saturday, January 2, with a ceremony held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. At the ceremony; Minister of Transport and Infrastructure [more…]

caldiran thermal ski resort season started
65 Van

Çaldıran Thermal Ski Center Opens the Season

After the first snowfall of the season in Çaldıran district, the ski season started. The thermal ski center, which was opened in Ayrancılar district of Çaldıran district, opened the season with the first snowfall of the season. A THERMAL SKI CENTER LOCATED IN THE WORLD [more…]

the way of the komurhan bridge with the connection tunnel
23 Elazig

Kömürhan Bridge Connection Tunnel and Road

Kömürhan Bridge Project includes the construction of the road with a double-tube tunnel with 4.820 vehicle passages and a bridge connection tunnel with 4 crossings with a total length of 4 m. 4th in the world ranking in the single-pylon category due to its middle span [more…]

earthquake in elazig
23 Elazig

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake in Elazig

An earthquake of 5.3 magnitude on the Richter scale occurred in Elazig. While the Elazig earthquake was felt in the provinces of the region such as Diyarbakır, Malatya and Şırnak, the depth of the earthquake was stated as 15.94 km. In his message published on Twitter, Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu said, “Elazığ [more…]

new bus service started in van
65 Van

22 New Buses Started Service in Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality strengthened its fleet by purchasing 22 new buses for its bus fleet. In addition, 10 12-meter buses purchased will be delivered in March. Continuing to add value to the city with public-oriented services, Van Metropolitan [more…]

yildirim besta operation started
65 Van

Yıldırım-17 Besta Operation Launched

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu attended the “Assessment Meeting with Provincial Police Directors” held by teleconference at the Turkish National Police Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Martyr Altuğ Verdi Meeting Hall. “As of yesterday evening with 3.251 personnel [more…]

textile's new utility van tekstilkent employs a thousand people
65 Van

Van Tekstilkent Employs 2 Thousand People

While the Covid-19 virus, which shook the world, brought new habits in all areas of life, cleaning criteria came into supply chains. In the textile sector in the pre-pandemic "low labor cost regions who prefer European countries," hygiene "concerns the longer direction to Turkey [more…]

alpine discipline anatolian cup races completed
25 Erzurum

Alpine Skiing Anatolian Cup Races Completed

Turkey Ski Federation, located in the Annual Program for 2020-2021 "FIS Alpine Anatolian Cup", complete with race held today. 9 athletes from 40 countries throughout the 4 days the scene of the fight against quotas organization Turkey has completed five medals. The last of the organization [more…]

Public transport hours on the weekend in van
65 Van

Public Transport Hours on Weekend in Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality has re-determined the timetables of public transport vehicles that will work in the curfew that will be applied again within the scope of coronavirus measures at the weekend. Metropolitan Municipality, for those who have to work on weekends, flights in the morning and evening hours. [more…]

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