Customs clearance services started at samsun logistics center
55 Samsun

Customs Clearance Services Started at Samsun Logistics Center

Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced that customs clearance services have started by the Ministry of Commerce in Samsun Logistics Center, which is built on an area of ​​680 thousand square meters and 70 percent of which is rented. In the announcement made by Samsun TSO, “Our chamber is the biggest partner [more…]

samsun steep railway looks more economical
28 Giresun

Samsun Sarp Railway Looks More Economical

Cemal Öztürk, AK Party Deputy of Giresun, evaluating the railway line that will come to the Black Sea, said, "A project from the coast to Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, Hopa and from here to Batumi seems more economical now." said. AK Party Giresun Provincial Chairman [more…]

The fate of the region will change with the steep railway of Samsun
08 Artvin

The Fate of the Region Will Change With Samsun Sarp Railway

While the statement of Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu, who came to Ordu last week, saying 'We are working for the Samsun-Sarp Railway' was welcomed, NGO representatives said, "We expect our President to address this problem, we expect action, the project tender for the line must be done first." said. KARAİSMAİLOĞLU [more…]

Efforts started for the industrial site of Toybelen
55 Samsun

Applications for Toybelen Industrial Site Started

Mayor Mustafa Demir, Gülsen Industrial Site Toybel the 'e said to be moving along with worries about the future of the tradespeople here anymore, "This project will be the first industrial urban transformation project in Turkey. Toybelen will add significant momentum to Samsun " [more…]

Tram and bus will be taken to samsuna
55 Samsun

5 Trams and 33 Buses will be taken to Samsun

Speaking at the ceremony held for the collective bargaining agreement concerning 514 personnel at Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş., Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that the number of personnel, trams and buses will increase. SAMULAŞ is a company that manages public transportation in Samsun. [more…]

samulastan strike decision statement
55 Samsun

'Strike Decision' Statement by SAMULAŞ

SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı said that the 47 percent offer was not evaluated at the end of the two years they submitted to the union and said, “Despite all the negativities experienced during the pandemic period, the workers' conditions were improved and the economic conditions were improved. [more…]

strike decision in samulasta
55 Samsun

Strike Decision at SAMULAŞ!

There was no compromise between the ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement between SAMULAŞ, in which Samsun Metropolitan Municipality holds a 99 percent share, and the Railway Work Union. Railway Work Union Sivas Branch President Murat Kütük came to Samsun and held a press conference. [more…]

Concrete road comfort increases in Samsun
55 Samsun

Comfort of Concrete Road Increases in Samsun

The concrete road, which was started to be built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in the Kadıgeriş and Kargılı districts of Tekkeköy district, has been completed. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the city's various points made in the example of dry concrete road and with many local governments in Turkey [more…]

The mert irma, which is poured into the black sea from canik mountains, will be brought to tourism
55 Samsun

Mert River, which flows from the Canik Mountains to the Black Sea, will be brought into tourism

The Mert River, which flows into the Black Sea from the summits of the Canik Mountains, will be brought into tourism by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. While the project preparations are completed, the 7th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works is expected to narrow the riverbed for investment. river from the city center, said Turkey's one of the rare cities [more…]

In Samsun, the tram schedule has changed on the weekend
55 Samsun

Weekend Tram Hours Changed in Samsun

In Samsun, due to the coronavirus measures and the KPSS Secondary Education Exam, the tram time hours have changed on the weekend, SAMULAŞ stated that the tramway hours were updated. Saturday First departure time: 10.00 am Last departure time: 19.30 Sunday [more…]

samsun is a candidate to become a brand city in tourism
55 Samsun

Samsun is Candidate to Become a Brand City in Tourism!

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said that they will introduce the tourism potential and advantages of the city to local and foreign communities. Samsun aims to be the brand city of the region in tourism with its historical, natural and cultural richness in 17 districts. Akdağ Ski Resort in winter tourism, [more…]

There was no result regarding the samsun steep railway project
52 Army

No Result Concluded About Samsun Sarp Railway Project

Army Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OTSON) Chairman Servet Sahin, Turkey's Economy held at the TOBB President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Presidential Council conveyed their problems and demands of our province participated in the meeting. The OTSON Speaker Servet Sahin, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges [more…]

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