yht bolu came out of the news
14 Bolu

News of YHT Bolu Balloon Released

Many newspapers in Bolu give headlines; "The President gave the order to the Ministry of Transport" Balloon appeared. Information about the high-speed train from the board of directors at the meeting organized by Bolu Donors Foundation recently. [more…]

bolulu citizens wants yht
14 Bolu

Bolu High Speed ​​Train

High Speed ​​Train, which has been planned for years, has come up once again. Citizens of Bolulu once again on the agenda of our city and the YHT line to pass this time this train not to be missed [more…]

Bolu Mountain Tunnel
14 Bolu

About Bolu Mountain Tunnel

About Bolu Mountain Tunnel; Bolu Mountain Tunnel, 30 of Gümüşova-Gerede highway. km from Kaynaşlı, along the Asarsuyu Valley in the East direction, passes Bolu Mountain in a tunnel and ends at Yumrukaya. [more…]

megenliler does not want the upper passage
14 Bolu

Megenli does not want an overpass

Plates Yazıyaka and Türkbeyli Neighborhood connects the point about the construction of the undesirable overpass Mayor Turhan Bulut, with the participation of members of the Municipal Assembly and citizens after Friday prayers [more…]

bolu people spent the most money
14 Bolu

Bolu People Spent The Most Transportation

Bolu People Spent Most Money on Transportation; Turkey Statistical Institute, according to data released by the Istanbul Regional Directorate, households spent the most money in Bolu transportation. Turkey Statistics Institution in Kocaeli Region [more…]