Izban workers demand equal wages if they are equal
35 Izmir

İZBAN Workers Demand Equal Wages for Equal Work

The last meeting of the collective bargaining negotiations concerning 330 workers in İZBAN will be held on Friday. Workers demand equal pay for equal work. Speaking to the National Channel, Hamdullah Giral, Head of the Railways Work Union Branch, said that we insist on a solution at the table without going on strike. [more…]

We celebrated the egiad year with us event
35 Izmir

EGİAD Celebrated its 30th Anniversary with Us Event

Aegean Young Businessmen Association (EGİAD) in the 'We Are Us' event, which is one of the most important activities, where he conveys his experience and mission, brings honorary members and active members together. EGİADcelebrated its 30th anniversary. In the online meeting, EGİAD'of [more…]

annealing will also neutralize carbon emissions
06 Ankara

TAV to Neutralize Carbon Emissions in 2030

Groupe ADP, the world's largest airport operations platform, of which TAV Airports is also a part, announced its goals for a sustainable future. TAV Airports supports 23 airports in the Groupe ADP network for environmental protection and support for social development. [more…]

Assistance to Izmir's Earthquake Survivors from Hamburg Galatasaray Association
35 Izmir

Assistance to Izmir Earthquake Survivors from Hamburg Galatasaray Association

The support of non-governmental organizations continues for the campaigns launched by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the victims after the earthquake of 30 October. Hamburg Galatasaray Association has also joined the Metropolitan's solidarity network with the victims. Contribution of non-governmental organizations to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's support for earthquake victims [more…]

Digital transformation in the business world
35 Izmir

Digital Transformation in Business World

Digitalization creates radical changes in the activities and ways of doing business of institutions. It changes almost everything from companies' production methods to customer expectations, from distribution channels to business processes. Thanks to digitalization, companies can develop from the production and processing of information to decision-making processes and [more…]

Livestock of drinking water goals revived in Izmir
35 Izmir

Drinking Water Ponds Revitalized Livestock in İzmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality raised 83 animals with a drinking water pond, which was put into practice in the countryside, to the aid of the producer, who earned a living from livestock and whose water need increased during the summer months. Having had to move their herds hundreds of kilometers away due to lack of water in previous years [more…]

want historical kemeralti cars will stand up like this
35 Izmir

This is how the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar will rise

Kemeraltı, which is among the priority projects of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, is being renewed completely with an investment of approximately 200 million lira. The heart of Izmir Historical City Center, which is prepared to be a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, is in Kemeraltı. [more…]

Account code izmirim card matching continues
35 Izmir

Is HES Code Izmirim Card Pairing Continuing?

In accordance with the decision taken by the İzmir Governorship Provincial Hygiene Board within the scope of combating the pandemic; The application of using Izmirim Cards with HES Code defined for boarding in urban public transportation vehicles started on Monday, January 11th. Percentage of actively used Izmirim Cards [more…]

Pesticide analysis will be made on the product
35 Izmir

New Food Safety Project from Aegean Exporters

Healthy food consumption and "Food Safety", which is the key to this, are among the rising values ​​in the world in recent years. The world's food store is in food production in Turkey "Food Safety" focused on what. Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association in 2021, "Food [more…]

new stage in trade
35 Izmir

New Stage in Trade

As the world goes through a period of intense change and uncertainty, businesses also need to adapt to new marketing sales trends, anticipate demand and understand how to reach and interact with increasingly changing target audiences. [more…]

Buca metro will be tendered internationally very soon
35 Izmir

International Tender Will Be Made Soon For Buca Metro

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer talked about the slander campaigns against him, which have gained intensity in the first January meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council. Referring to the original claims about the floating dock named “Agamemnon”, Soyer said, “After that, lies [more…]

farewell to former karsiyaka mayor baysaka
35 Izmir

Eski Karşıyaka Farewell to Mayor Baysak

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, the former who died last Thursday Karşıyaka He attended Mayor Kemal Baysak's funeral. Old Karşıyaka Mayor Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina Honorary Consul General Kemal Baysak rendered in Besikcioglu Mosque today [more…]

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