Domestic Waste to be Moved by Train in Manisa
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Domestic Waste to be Moved by Train in Manisa

With the transportation of domestic solid wastes to Uzunburun Solid Waste Disposal and Landfill, which was brought to Manisa under the leadership of Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and buried the city's 40-year garbage problem in history. [more…]

bulent ecevit intersection of the study was reached
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Bülent Ecevit Junction Roads Ended

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in Salihli Bülent Ecevit Junction Bridge intersection of the road continues to work. Kurtuluş Kuruçay, Head of Road Construction and Repair Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

open auto market will be established in the old garage of manisa
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Open Auto Market in Manisa Old Garage

Open Auto Market will be established in Manisa Old Garage; MANULAŞ, a subsidiary of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the Old Garage will be established on Sundays between 08.00-17.00 hours. Open to be installed in the Old Garage [more…]

the last steam locomotive was somanin
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The Last Steam Locomotive Becomes Soma

The Last Steam Locomotive Became Soma; One of the biggest steam locomotives in the world, which has been idle for a long time in the Soma district of Manisa and has been decaying, is preparing to be exhibited in Istasyon Square. in Soma [more…]

manisa card visa
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Manisa Card Visa

Those who do not have Manisa Card Visa Attention; MANULAS INC. for the citizens who cannot perform the Manisa card, visa and new card transactions with the announcement made during the week, [more…]

manisada concrete road application continues
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Concrete Road Application Continues in Manisa

The concrete road application initiated by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality on the road that provides the connection between Gölmarmara and Thienli continues. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ali Öztozlu and Burak Aslay, Metropolitan Municipality Road [more…]

Postpones decision in the Volkswagen factory turkiyede
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Volkswagen Factory Postpones Decision on Turkey

According to information from the close circles of the German economy newspaper, the German car company, Manisa announced in early October suspended the decision to open a factory. Fountain of Peace organized by the Euphrates in the east of Turkey while the Operations, [more…]

Volkswagen's investment in the TAYSAD description related to turkey
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Volkswagen Manisa Factory Officially Opened

TAYSAD Chairman Alper Hook, said Volkswagen could create a domino effect of investments in Turkey and other companies will be reinvested. Volkswagen, one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, is the new factory that has been discussed for months. [more…]

manisa card application updated
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Manisa Card Application Updated

MANULAŞ, a subsidiary of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, announced that the Manisakart application has been updated in the Apple Store. Providing the citizens with access to the information they need about the bus lines within the borders of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in a mobile environment [more…]

volkswagen manisa factory where to be installed
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Volkswagen Manisa Factory Where to Install?

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said that German automaker Volkswagen will open a factory in Manisa. Pekcan, said that a positive view on Turkey to invest in the German producers. CNN Turk Hakan Çelik participated in the program Pekcan, Volkswagen in Turkey [more…]