mobile tourism application visitizmir is online
35 Izmir

Mobile Tourism Application Visitİzmir is Online

The mobile tourism application Visitİzmir has been opened to access with 30 categories covering 11 districts and more than 2 thousand 300 points. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Foundation President Tunç Soyer stated that the purpose of this application, which is born from the understanding of "another tourism is possible" [more…]

dr behcet uz recreation area ready for autumn
35 Izmir

Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area is Ready for Autumn

One of the promises made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer before the election within the framework of his vision of "A greener Izmir", Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area renovation project is coming to an end. 180 thousand square meters of recreation area with its new face in September [more…]

Preferential bus routes in Manisa are being renewed
45 Manisa

Manisa Preferred Bus Routes Are Renewed

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, during the period when there is no vehicle traffic due to the Ramadan Feast and complete closure; The preferred bus routes used by public transportation vehicles are painted and renewed. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams carried out another important work in the city center. [more…]

President Soyer examined the trolley works.
35 Izmir

Mayor Soyer Examined Çiğli Tram Works

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the work of Çiğli Tramway, which was founded by the Chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP), Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Celebrating the Ramadan Feast of the staff, President Soyer said, “Currently, the business is on the way. A moment to Çiğli [more…]

d marine is entitled to receive safe tourism certificate
09 Aydin

D-Marin Qualified for Safe Tourism Certificate

D-Marin, which has taken into effect procedures at international standards within the scope of pandemic measures, was entitled to receive a "Safe Tourism Certificate". D-Marin thus became one of the first companies to eliminate the negative effects of the pandemic and meet the high hygiene and safety expectations of its guests. Pandemic process [more…]

egiadin gundem sustainable city izmir
35 Izmir

EGİADAgenda Sustainable City İzmir

Signing a first by taking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into its charter, formalizing its activities in this field EGİADMet with the “Sustainable Urban Development Network” team, whose secretariat is conducting to create a sustainable city model of İzmir. Sustainable Urban [more…]

President Soyer Started Eid Program With Eshot Employees
35 Izmir

President Soyer Started the Holiday Program with ESHOT Employees

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer started the festival program at ESHOT with the staff working in the Metropolitan Municipality and affiliated institutions. Mayor Tunç Soyer, who went to İnciraltı Garage at 05.00 in the morning, addressed the staff and said, “We have to provide the best service to the people of İzmir. You [more…]

Champion Turkey in Izmir Beach CEV Continental Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament
35 Izmir

Turkey is the Champion in Izmir Beach Volleyball Tournament

In the CEV Continental Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament held in Izmir, the Turkish Men's National Team won the championship by defeating Latvia in the final match. Our national team took the championship cup from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Turkey Volleyball [more…]

Devices used in crypto money production were seized in Izmir
35 Izmir

501 Crypto Money Generation Devices Seized in Izmir

In the operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce at an address in Izmir, 501 devices used to produce cryptocurrencies worth 5 million lira, which were determined to have been illegally introduced into Turkey, were seized. Izmir Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence [more…]

The sea lettuce in İzmir Korfez is being cleaned
35 Izmir

The Sea Lettuce in Izmir Bay is being cleaned

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials, Karşıyaka He emphasized that the green algae called 'ulva lactuca', known as 'sea lettuce', which is seen on the shores above the sea, is caused by the proliferation of nutrient elements in the sea due to the increase in temperature. It is not harmful to human health [more…]

renovation works for the new meander bridge have been completed in percent
20 Denizli

New Menderes Bridge 80 Percent Complete

The renovation works of the Menderes Bridge, which was destroyed on the grounds that it was not durable in January, was 80 percent completed. The new Menderes Bridge works that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan and Sarayköy Mayor Ahmet Necati Özbaş promised to the people of the district [more…]

immigrant residences mosque has a new face
35 Izmir

Göçmen Konutları Mosque Has A New Face

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also carries out the maintenance and repair works of the places of worship in the city in line with the requests. Metropolitan teams quickly responded to the application of Yüksel Elma, the imam of Görece Immigrant Houses Mosque in Menderes district, and overhauled the worn-out mosque in a short time. [more…]