Akinci tiha serial production continues
06 Ankara

AKINCI TİHA Serial Production Continues

Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar recently announced that he opened a Telegram channel with his Twitter account. Since the day it opened the channel, the products in the production process have been shared such as AKINCI TİHA test video and Bayraktar TB2 training images. [more…]

Genie's new tender wj activates the defense sector
86 China

China's New UAV WJ-700 Makes Its First Flight

The unmanned aerial vehicle WJ-700, developed by China, successfully performed its first flight and signaled that it would make a rapid entry into the defense industry. The unmanned aerial vehicle WJ-13, which made a strong impression after the first flight on January 700, [more…]

Akinci tiha pt tests continue
06 Ankara

AKINCI TİHA PT-3 Tests Continue

The tests of the third prototype of the AKINCI Offensive UAV, which was developed domestically and nationally by Baykar Defense, continue. Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar, in his post on his personal social media account on January 3, 13, Bayraktar AKINCI [more…]

melting operations started

Eren Operations Started

In 11, Eren Operations were launched in honor of the memory of all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives to keep these lands in our homeland, and especially Eren Bülbül, who was martyred by members of the separatist terrorist organization on August 2017, 2021. [more…]

tayas project phase acceptance
06 Ankara

TAYAS Project 3rd Phase Acceptance Completed

The acceptance of the first phase of the New Mobile System (TAYAS) project, which is carried out under the contract signed between the Ministry of National Defense (MSB) and ASELSAN, was completed in August 2017, the second phase in April 2018, and the third and final phase delivery in December 2020. New [more…]

Provisional acceptance tests have been successfully completed in the tumsis project
06 Ankara

Provisional Acceptance Tests in TUMSİS Project Successfully Completed

As a result of the acceptance tests carried out in ASELSAN Macunköy with the participation of the Defense Industry Presidency and the Turkish Armed Forces within the scope of the TSK X-Band Satellite Communication System Project (TUMSİS), the serial production provisional acceptance tests of a large number of transferable terminals and portable terminals [more…]

aselsat has started its space travel
06 Ankara

Countdown Begins for ASELSAT Cube Satellite

ASELSAT 3U Cube Satellite, developed entirely with ASELSAN resources within the scope of the self-sourced R&D Project, set off to Florida-USA on January 14, 2021 with SpaceX's Falcon-9 rocket to be placed in low earth orbit. ASELSAN design is critical [more…]

new duty friend of the turkish police in victory use
06 Ankara

Turkish Police's New Missionary 'Zafer 3700' in Use

The installation of the encrypted National DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Digital Radio System, which is a key solution integrating voice and data to be used by the Ankara and Istanbul Police Departments, is about to be completed. The move of the General Directorate of Security to digitize corporate wireless communication [more…]

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