national airship starts its mission
06 Ankara

National Airship to Start

Karagöz GAG Balloon Wide Area Surveillance System will begin its duty at the Syrian border in November. The balloon will have a length of 17 meters, a volume of 430 cubic meters and will serve at the height of 500 meters. Large area surveillance camera [more…]

Burak Kuyan is the Chairman of ETD Board of Directors
34 Istanbul

ETD Chairman Burak Kuyan Became

Doğan Energy CEO Burak Kuyan was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Energy Trade Association, which has played an important role in the creation of a free market since its establishment. As a result of the 2019 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held at the Energy Trade Association [more…]

turkcell celebrated its year
06 Ankara

Turkcell 25. Celebrated

Since its inception, 25 years, Turkey's unremitting efforts as technology continues to be a leading country and investments, Turkcell xnumx'inc scope of anniversary events held a special reception in Ankara, the capital. Reception, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure [more…]