airbus launches nightjar team in australia
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Airbus Launches Nightjar Team in Australia

Airbus established Team Nightjar to develop Australia's industry capability. With the new formation, it is aimed to provide the country with economic benefits of more than 250 million Australian dollars (AUD). Airbus Helicopters hand in hand with over 20 Australian partners to create Team Nightjar. [more…]

melbourne tram line operated with sun energy
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Melbourne Operates Tramway

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, which has the title of being the second largest city in Australia, started operating the entire tram network in the city with solar energy. Neoen Numurkah Solar Power Plant, officially opened last week, to run the city's huge tram network [more…]

the longest tram network in the world that we do not know
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What We Don't Know: World's Longest Tram Network

The longest electric tram network in the world is in Melborn, Australia. Last year, the electricity lines of the tram were fed by solar energy and the Melborn Tramway Enterprise, which made serious savings in the electricity used, is exactly 250 km long. Service with 493 tram cars [more…]

melbourne tram runs completely with solar energy
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Melbourne Tram Works on Solar Power

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, which has set a goal of increasing its renewable energy target by 50 percent, runs the entire tram network in the city with solar energy. Having the title of being the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne operates the entire tram network in the city with solar energy. [more…]

dunyanin first train robot in australia
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World's First Train Robot in Australia

Rio Tinto, an iron mining company in Australia, has activated a fully automated rail network with the world's largest train robot. The railway network established in the Pilbara region of Western Australia has a length of approximately 800 kilometers. Trains, [more…]

an unmanned yuk train rides in Australia
Intercity Railways

Driverless Freight Train Starts in Australia

A possible disaster was prevented by derailing the uncontrollable freight train in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia. According to a statement from the Tasmanian police, the uncontrollable and unstoppable unmanned freight train was forcibly derailed near Devonport Harbor. [more…]

Australia train crash 16 injured
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In Australia injured train crash 16

16 passengers were injured when the train approaching Richmond station in the northwest of Sydney, Australia, was unable to stop to load and unload passengers and hit the barriers. Making a statement on the accident, New South Wales (NSW) State Police said 16 passengers were slightly injured by the impact. [more…]

the first train of the world
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The World's First Train to Go Without Machines

The World's First Train Without a Mechanic Starts Expeditions: China-based mining company Rio Tinto has started to use the world's first full-fledged autonomous train. The company is expected to enter a different sector with this activity outside the mining sector. train [more…]

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Tram and truck collide in Australia 29 injured

Trams and trucks collided in Australia 29 People Injured: 29 people were reported injured as a result of the collision of the tram and truck in Melbourne, Australia. The accident occurred at 8.00:XNUMX am local time at the level crossing near Melbourne Zoo. Truck driver in accident [more…]

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Little Boy With Train Down From Peron

Little Boy Falls Between Train and Platform: At Sidney's Cronulla train station, the little boy fell between the train and the platform. The incident was reflected on the security cameras from moment to moment. According to the information obtained, the incident took place at Cronulla train station in Sydney, Australia. [more…]

06 Ankara

TCDD Hosts Austrian Delegation

TCDD Hosted the Austrian Delegation: A meeting was held in Ankara Gar Kule Restoran Behiç Erkin Hall between the representatives of TCDD and companies operating in the railway sector in Austria. Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Austria Klaus Wölfer, General Director of TCDD [more…]

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Bombardier Trains Reached Australia

Bombardier Trains Arrive in Australia: The first of the new electric trains produced by Bombardier for Australian Railways arrived in Brisbane, Australia on February 16. The trains that will serve in the southeastern Queensland Suburb of Australia are produced with 75 and 6 wagons. Bombardier, [more…]

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New Metro Line to Australia's Capital City Canberra

A New Subway Line Is Built To Canberra, The Capital Of Australia: A design-build agreement has been signed with a consortium of various companies for the first part of the light rail system in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Companies in the consortium for the Canberra light rail system John Holland, Mitsubishi [more…]

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Sulfuric Acid Train

A train carrying sulfuric acid derailed: An emergency was declared in a 200km area due to the derailment of a freight train carrying 2 liters of sulfuric acid in Australia. 200 liters of sulfuric acid in the northwest of Queensland, Australia [more…]

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Death-death struggle on train tracks (Video)

The life-and-death struggle on the train tracks: The heartbreaking event that took place in a train station in Australia was reflected on the security camera. A little girl trying to get the toy that fell on the rails at Flemington station was almost caught under the train. Realizing the train is coming [more…]

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Railway Workers Striking in Melbourne

Melbourne Railroaders Strike Out: Melbourne railroad workers union takes a two-day strike. Experts stated that the two-day strike on trains, which play a key role in the city's transportation, could paralyze city traffic. Railway Tram and Bus Union, RTBU [more…]

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Sydney Trains Signed Modernization Agreement

Sydney Train Modernization Agreement Signed: A new agreement has been signed for the modernization of trains in the southern part of Australia. The $ 96 million deal was signed between UGL Uniport Rail and the Australian southern region transport authority. Modernization of trains 70% of UGL [more…]