alarming development for road transport in austria
43 Austria

VAT Discount for Turkish Transporters in Austria Ended

The developments in Austria give a red alert for road transport. Within the framework of the law proposal submitted by the Austrian Green Party to the parliament, the discount and VAT discount applied in the diesel purchases of the Turkish transporter from Austria will be announced by 2021. [more…]

obb did hybrid train test
43 Austria

ÖBB Performs Hybrid Train Test

ÖBB and Siemens Mobility have started trials in Austria with a prototype Cityjet eco train equipped with an electro-hybrid battery to analyze the potential of hybrid trains. Electro-hybrid train Almtalder Donauufer, Mattigtalbahn and Rieder Kreuz [more…]

5 ropeway car in the ski resort
43 Austria

5 Gondola Car in the Alps

5 Cable Car Cars Collided in the Air at Alpine Ski Resort: Five rope car cars collided head-on at a ski resort in Kaltenbach, Austria due to strong winds. Each has the capacity to carry 10 people [more…]

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43 Austria

Train accident in Austria 30 injured

30 people were injured in the train accident that occurred near the town of Völlerndorf in the city of Sankt Pölten on the borders of the Lower Austria state of Austria. Fire Department of Lower Austria Province sözcüAs Franz Resperger said in a statement, the accident was about [more…]

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06 Ankara

New Cooperation from TCDD Tasimacilik

A triple memorandum was signed between TCDD Tasimacilik, Azerbaijan Railways and the Austrian Rail Cargo company. The agreement was signed in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. In the tripartite meeting hosted by Azerbaijan Railways (ADY), TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General [more…]

22 Edirne

Both you and your car should go

Both you and your car can go with the Otokuşet train: Passengers' cars, motorcycles and so on. Turkey with motor vehicle - allowing travel between Austria, TCDD Transport Inc. operated in collaboration with Optima Otokuşet Train [more…]