Temsadan praga electric bus
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Electric Bus from TEMSA to Prague

TEMSA and its sister company Škoda, which won the tender for electric buses in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, will deliver the fleet of 14 buses at the end of this year. The contract, worth approximately $10 million, is also [more…]

Excitement continues in fia etcr virtual truck racing
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Excitement Continues in FIA Etcr Virtual Truck Races

The excitement of the FIA ​​ETCR Virtual Truck Races, of which Goodyear is an official partner, continued with the race held at the Most track. After the postponement of the FIA ​​ETCR Truck races, the excitement of the race was transferred to the virtual environment. Czech Republic on 29-30 August [more…]

9 million euro locomotive agreement
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9 Million Euro Locomotive Agreement

Czech CZ Loko has won the public tender to supply Tovorni Promet, the cargo arm of Slovenian rail operator Slovenske Železnice, with four new diesel shunting locomotives for the Koper freight station. Tender [more…]

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EVO1 Trams in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, EVO1 Trams Started Test Drives as Passengers: The trams to be used in the transport network of the Czech Republic's capital city Prague started test drives with passengers. Fully locally produced EVO1 Trams Prague [more…]

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Train Splits TIR Passing in Red Light (Video)

The Train Splits the TIR Passing at the Red Light: In the Czech Republic, the train split a TIR passing the red light at the crossing in the Czech Republic. The truck driver survived the accident with minor injuries. Central European country Czech Republic's Frydek [more…]

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New Metro Line to Prague

A New Metro Line Will Be Built to Prague: A statement was made to add a new line to the Prague metro, the capital of the Czech Republic. According to the statement made by the Prague city council, after the A, B and C lines of the city metro [more…]

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Speed ​​Train Hit In The Czech Republic

High Speed ​​Train Hit Truck in Czech Republic: Two people lost their lives when a high-speed train hit a truck at a level crossing in the east of the Czech Republic. Railway Control Board SözcüMartin Drapal said in the morning Studenka [more…]