Large bus delivery from temsa to center of europe
32 Belgium

Temsa Delivers 22 Buses to Belgium

After the first batch of 4 delivered to the Belgian public transport company OTW last December, TEMSA has also completed the second batch of 22 orders for the remaining 26 units. A total of XNUMX to the company's fleet [more…]

volvo cars transport their new cars by train instead of truck
32 Belgium

Volvo Cars Carries New Cars by Train Instead of Trucks

Volvo Cars aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in its logistics operations by switching the mode of transport between its production facilities and new car warehouses from trucks to trains. The company is especially dedicated to the distribution warehouses and dealerships of new cars. [more…]

32 Belgium

2016 Year CER Photography Contest

2016 CER Photo Contest: European Railway and Infrastructure Companies Group (CER) organizes '2016 CER Photo Contest'. Those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks that took place in Brussels on 22 March 2016 [more…]

32 Belgium

Bomb alert in Brussels… Train station evacuated

Bomb alarm in Brussels… The train station was evacuated: Two policemen were stabbed in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, two train stations in the city were evacuated because of the suspicious package. The incident occurred in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels in the afternoon. From the abdomen and necks [more…]

32 Belgium

Eurostar cancels all trains to Brussels

Eurostar has canceled all trains to Brussels: Europe has been alarmed after repeated attacks in the Belgian capital, Brussels. In many countries, while the crisis table was created, the government in France and England gathered extraordinarily. [more…]

32 Belgium

Explosion in Brussels' Maelbeek Metro

Explosion in Brussels' Maelbeek Metro: Following the twin explosion at the airport in Belgium's capital, Brussels, an explosion also occurred in the metro. 20 people died in the explosion, 55 people were injured. capital of belgium [more…]